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Alberto Fiori
dal 24/6/2015 al 30/7/2015
merc - sab 15.30-19

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Alberto Fiori

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Alberto Fiori

Neochrome, Torino

From Off To On. Dipinti digitali e non

sintesi del comunicato stampa

The imagery of Alberto Fiori sets out to redefine the visual vocabulary that lies between the digital and analog languages; a dichotomy the artist chooses to grasp by rejecting the media hybrid in favor of a hypothesis of unprecedented convergence, in which the two codes interact without undermining their separate natures. The digital paintings and dye paintings represent the pictorial premises of this vision. The detachment from the painterly gesture, which in the dye paintings happens through the spraying of water on powdered paint, while in the digital works it takes place through digital printing, also permits a reinterpretation of the academic values of the artwork, and above all sheds new light on the relationship between the author and the composition, understood as loss, subtraction, "aesthetic synecdoche" in which the pars pro toto reasserts the autonomous identity of the work: in its turn image and object. Opening june 25 h 6 pm.

The Third Act
dal 28/10/2015 al 18/12/2015

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