Issue Project Room / The (OA) Can Factory
New York
1000 Dean St, Unit 208
718 3300313
Evan Calder Williams
dal 20/7/2015 al 20/7/2015

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ISSUE Project Room


Evan Calder Williams

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Evan Calder Williams

Issue Project Room / The (OA) Can Factory , New York

T-1: A live essay

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A new live essay composed from video, text, and voice, T-1 assembles an intertwined montage from three discrete histories: ice, compromised vision, and colonial geography. The first presentation of Evan Calder Williams' 2015 ISSUE Project Room residency, T-1 takes its name from an enormous roving Arctic island initially classified as 'Top Secret' by the US Air Force. Incorporating video shot in both a modernist dollhouse and a melting spring forest, the performance moves widely among sites and texts, ranging from Anna Kavan's slipstream novels to the nineteenth-century Caribbean and from fascist glacial cosmology to ghost ships allegedly crewed by cannibal rats. In this work, Williams continues to explore the blurry ground separating the speculative and the historical, seeking a visual and sonic language adequate to film and to speak what remains stuck in the middle. Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 8:00pm

Bill Orcutt & Circuit Des Yeux
dal 13/9/2015 al 13/9/2015

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