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Out There, Thataway
dal 7/8/2015 al 25/9/2015

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Mel Bradley

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Out There, Thataway

CCA Centre for Contemporary Art, Derry-Londonderry

A group exhibition curated through dialogue between Francis Halsall and Declan Long

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A group exhibition curated through dialogue between Francis Halsall, Declan Long, and CCA. The exhibition takes its title from the last words spoken at the end of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture': they are Kirk's vague but determined directions as the Enterprise begins to venture further out than ever before beyond known frontiers. "Out There, Thataway" has two conceptual starting points: first, a concern with imagining or navigating territories that are 'beyond knowledge'; and second, an interest in ways that metaphors of geography shape our thinking and behaviour. The exhibition includes artworks that refer to terrains that are traversed through strategies of fiction and historical association (Stephen Brandes, Kevin Gaffney, Rana Hamadeh); works that imply hesitancy or potentiality regarding location and direction (Merlin James, Fergus Feehily); and others that suggest spaces that are beyond the horizons of our geography altogether (Aleana Egan, Nathan Coley). While not explicitly addressing the contested narratives of territory in the history of Derry/Londonderry, the exhibition is further animated by this context. The speculative journeys and destinations alluded to in these artworks often suggest an urgent need to think beyond immediate predicaments and situations; extreme ideas of 'elsewhere' that might offer no fulfilment, promising only further solitude or uncertainty. The exhibition is accompanied by a a public programme of events. Opening on Saturday 8th August at 7pm.

Kathryn Elkin and Seamus Harahan
dal 9/10/2015 al 27/11/2015

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