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The Metabolic Age
dal 10/9/2015 al 14/2/2016
thursday - monday and holidays 12-8p.m., wednesday till 9p.m.
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The Metabolic Age

Malba - Coleccion Costantini, Buenos Aires

The group exhibition revolves around ideas as delirious as linking

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La Era Metabolica (The Metabolic Age) is a curatorial project by Chus Martinez based on the famous egg by artist Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos (1939-92, Buenos Aires). The exhibition revolves around ideas as delirious as linking Nosotros afuera [We, The Outsiders], a work by Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos, and research by Douglas Engelbart, the father of the hyperlink. At around the same time -the mid-sixties- both grasped the problem of the straight line. There is no beginning or end to a sentence to give the words order or meaning. The original work, titled Nosotros afuera (We, The Outsiders), produced in 1965, was recreated by MALBA for the exhibition in which art works by William Wegman, Lutz Mommartz, Eduardo Navarro, Takeshi Murata, Jon Rafman, Petra Cortright, and Charles Atlas. As part of the exhibition MALBA developed a special microsite.

Francis Alys
dal 4/11/2015 al 14/2/2016

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