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Basia Irland
dal 27/11/2015 al 20/2/2016
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm

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Basia Irland

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Basia Irland

Museum Het Domein, Sittard

Reading the River. Sculptures, installations, photographs, and video documentaries with a strong participatory dimension

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The importance of water for all life on our planet is the point of departure for the work of the American artist Basia Irland (b. 1946, Ft. Smith, Arkansas). In her pioneering work of the past three decades, Irland focuses on rivers and watersheds, water scarcity, climate change, ecological restoration and waterborne diseases. Her sculptures, installations, photographs, National Geographic blog, and video documentaries have a strong participatory dimension. Through her poetic works, Irland hopes to reconnect people with their local waterways in order to foster commitment, care, appreciation, and responsibility. Reading the River is Irland's first-ever museum solo exhibition in Europe, and this substantial retrospective offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the work of this visual artist, writer, activist and Professor Emerita of the Arts and Ecology program at the University of New Mexico. As a part of the exhibition, Irland made several new site-specific sculptures. In September 2015, she created a series of Ice Books that were launched into the River Maas near Born and into the Geleenbeek at Sweikhuizen. She also made a group of river Contemplation Stations that can be visited on location near Sittard during the exhibition. One of these Stations is sited within the museum. After dark, a video piece addressing climate change, entitled Below, can be seen in the windows on the front facade of the museum. Opening 28th november 5pm.

Basia Irland
dal 27/11/2015 al 20/2/2016

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