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John Baldessari
dal 4/11/2015 al 23/1/2016

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John Baldessari

Stadel Museum, Frankfurt

The Staedel Paintings. A total of 16 new pieces related explicitly to the Museum collection

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The artist executed a total of 16 new pieces related explicitly to the Museum collection, which spans 700 years of European art. A number of very different works from the Staedel holdings-masterpieces, but also unusual finds in the storage depots by Lucas Cranach the Elder, Agnolo Bronzino, Dirck van Baburen, Bartolomeo Veneto, Justus Juncker, Erro', Maria Lassnig and others-served as visual material for his large-scale collages. Taking these selected works as his point of departure, the artist explores the relationship not only between painting and photography, but also that between image and language. In the process, he not only isolates specific details of the paintings, but also partially overpaints those details and combines them with texts formally reminiscent of excerpts from Hollywood film scripts to create large horizontally or vertically divided diptychs. The result is a suspenseful and complex consonance/dissonance that queries old and new art alike and breaks with established patterns of perception. Curator: Martin Engler.

John Baldessari
dal 4/11/2015 al 23/1/2016

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