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Nicky Assmann
dal 14/10/2015 al 30/1/2016
Tuesday - Sunday 11-18

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Nicky Assmann

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Nicky Assmann

Tent, Rotterdam

Radiant. A number of room-filling works. Her dynamic 'mobile' sculptures combines topical technological developments with elementary physical processes

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Radiant. A majestically moving light installation, which occupies the entire front room, will form centre stage. Assmann combines her knowledge of science, technology and art in spatial installations in which the sensory experience plays the main role. The artist utilizes light, mechanics and abstract geometry to create optical phenomena with which she examines the mental and physical perception procedure. Against the background of our visual culture, in which the experience of reality increasingly takes place in the virtual domain, she returns to the corporal fundaments of seeing. In her artistic research, she combines topical technological developments with elementary physical processes. The exhibition presents a number of room-filling works. Radiant is a dynamic 'mobile' sculpture in which optical patterns and colour effects appear, due to a precise balance between space, form, movement and light. The sculpture is reminiscent of the works of 20th century artists such as Calder, Bridget Riley and Otto Piene, artists who developed a universalistic form language with their abstract-geometrical works, in an attempt to transform and redefine art.

Nicky Assmann
dal 14/10/2015 al 30/1/2016

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