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Migrating Identity

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Shifts and alterations of self, nationality and identity, by initiating a dialogue between the nomadic artists’ practice and the image contingency of the migrant/refugee

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This project is a manifestation consisting of an exhibition of contemporary visual art, a conference and a series of public lectures around filmic works. Guest curators are Renée Ridgway, Simon Ferdinando, and Sonja Beijering. Migrating Identity -Identifying the migrant. Arti et Amicitiae is pleased to present 'Migrating Identity - Transmission/Reconstruction', an exhibition and parallel program that examines slippages of self, nationality and identity through initiating a dialogue between the nomadic artist and the image contingency of the migrant/refugee. By addressing cultural, moral and ethical questions that form the base of our socio cultural matrix, M.I.–T/R visualises invisible structures in society. While exploring these constructs the realisation dawns that what one searches for, publicly and privately, is an unseen other, the identity or role that is still in transition.


we project the other in order to construct our identities

Topics (b)reached include: issues of marginality and community, assimilation of a new identity crucial in any consideration of civil rights history, liberation movements, feminism and strategies of sexuality-gender confrontation, psychiatric disorders, the mentally challenged, terrorism, street inhabitants and 'asylum seeking idealism'.

Sonja Beijering, Renée Ridgway, Simon Ferdinando

Participating artists:
Barbara Visser (NL), Christina Erman Widerberg (S), Temporary Services (US), To Sang (CN/NL), Martijn Sandberg (NL), Sharmila Samant (IND), Jan Rothuizen (NL), Astrid Proll (DE), Arthur Neve (NL), Renée Kool (NL/F), Remy Jungerman (SU/NL), Iratxe Jaio (ES/NL), Ni Haifeng (CN/NL), Rainer Ganahl (AT/US), Jn. Ulrick Désert (HT/US/DE), Gary Carsley (AU/NL), Leigh Bowery † (AU/UK), Rob Birza (NL), Joseph Beuys † (DE) and Tiong Ang (IDR/NL)

Fight or Flight

Parallel program

I Conference
In cooperation with the Gate Foundation
Moderator: Sebastián López (AR/NL), director Gate Foundation Special guests: Krishna Manjit Kaur (INR/NL), Bright O'Richards(L/NL), Sharmila Samant (INR)
June 4, 10:00 – 15:00
Place: The Society, Rokin 112, Amsterdam
Reservations: 020-6208057 or use the form on the website

II Films/lectures
Social Intercourses: A series of filmic works are a starting point for a number of public lectures/discussions by artists and theoreticians about strategies and responses to tradition, identity, migration, marginality and otherness.

'Walk this way'
Gary Carsley presents the serial self – multiple identities and the art & life of Leigh Bowery.
Friday, May 28, 20:00-22:00
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam

'A twenty-four hours a day revolution'
David Selden in discussion with Astrid Proll (former member of Baader Meinhof/ RAF) and Iratxe Jaio
Friday, June 11, 20:00 – 22:00
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam

'Afscheid van Kollum'
a film by Annemarie van Zweeden is the starting point for a concluding debate: 'Fight or Flight'
Friday, June 18, 20:00 – 22:00

Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112 Amsterdam and surrounding public space

Opening reception:
friday, may 21 17 - 20

Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday 13:00 - 18:00
Admission: free

Migrating Identity
dal 20/5/2004 al 20/6/2004

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