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The Mythological Machine
dal 26/9/2004 al 29/10/2004
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Francesco Manacorda

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The Mythological Machine

Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Works by 12 international artists

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Exhibition curated by Francesco Manacorda

The Mythological Machine features works of art which investigate how the repertoire of images used by press and television are visually seductive and emotive to a point where they are not easily differentiated from those found in the entertainment industry. In particular, these drawings and videos, from a range of international artists examine the way in which the trauma of 9/11 has been elaborated by the mass media.

The exhibition includes work by German artist Olav Westphalen. His 'Untitled' (2003) juxtaposes an image of the second Gulf War with one from a Hollywood film. The similarity between the two images exposes the complicity between the news and entertainment industries.

Among the other eleven artists featured are Berlin-based artists Daniel Pflumm and Sean Snyder. Pflumm's video 'CNN Questions and Answers' (1997) is a sampling of collected silences between questions and answers of CNN interviews during the first Gulf War. The montage has been remixed to sound like experimental electronic music. Snyder's video 'Analepsys' (2002) uses isolated images from news broadcasts all over the world displaying urban scenes just before or after a violent action has taken place. This reveals how news reports are constructed like fiction and how architecture becomes part of the conflict.

The exhibition’s aim, akin to the goal of the artworks included within it, is to generate ideological and aesthetic short circuits. The kind of images the artists are dealing with retain a relationship to the event reported, but are loaded with irrational investments; as such they surreptitiously create a new type of collective unconscious, artificially induced and highly manipulated.

Other artists include Erick Beltran (MX); Phil Collins (UK); Maria Friberg (S); Rainer Ganahl (Au); Alasdair Hopwood (UK); Cristobal Leyth (Chile); Mark Lombardi (USA); Jim Shaw (USA); Cesare Viel (I); Nate Lowman (USA).

ARTISTS TALK: Tue 5 October, 7pm
CURATOR’S TALK: Tue 19 October, 7.00pm

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