Charlestown Working Theater
442 Bunker Hill St.
Mobilize 2
dal 27/10/2004 al 28/10/2004
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Mobilize 2

Charlestown Working Theater, Charlestown

The second installment of new international performance art series: Mobilize. The evening will feature the work of Seattle artists Matt Fontaine and Tamara Paris; Mobius Artists Group member Mari Novotny-Jonesp.

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Mobius is proud to announce the second installment of its acclaimed new international performance art series, entitled Mobilize, taking place October 28, 2004, at 8 pm at the Charlestown Working Theater. Mobilize is produced and programmed by Marilyn Arsem, founder of Mobius. The evening will feature the work of Seattle artists Matt Fontaine and Tamara Paris; Mobius Artists Group member Mari Novotny-Jonesp; and an artist to be announced.

About the Artists:
Matt Fontaine and Tamara Paris (Seattle) have collaborated on works of contemporary performance since 2002. With a background in experimental theatre, their work often straddles the controversial line between performance art and drama and takes as its subject matter American mythology (Hollywood, the Wild West, NASA), the spiritual consequences of technology and the hedonic treadmill, and the eternal wrestling match between knowledge/language/law and the subjective body.
Mobius Artists Group member, Mari Novotny-Jones will be performing a work, that is a small parable about our common bonds and the forces that break us apart. Mari states: "My work is persona based. I am interested in the repercussions of behavior. The act of performing, for me, becomes the perpetual distillation of the self from one palpable state to the next. This is a spiritual evolution in which audience and performer enter the heart of consciousness and find places to connect and interpret what passes for everyday life."

The Mobius Artists Group has gained international recognition as a leading interdisciplinary group in the United States. Founded by Marilyn Arsem in 1977, the group has been known for incorporating a wide range of the visual, performing, and media arts into innovative live performance, video, and installation works. Mobius Artists Group has produced over 100 original works which have attained critical acclaim while at Mobius and garnered further recognition when presented nationally and internationally. Members of the Mobius Artists Group have presented work throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

In 1974, the Charlestown Working Theater was founded on the idea that a theater and a community can engage in a dialogue, which results in creative, artistic expression, an exciting exchange of ideas, and a deeper understanding of the people who make up the community. CWT has maintained this philosophy throughout its history and has remained dedicated to serving the cultural needs of Charlestown and greater Boston. Thirty years after first opening its doors CWT has become an integral element of the community's rich cultural identity. In remaining dedicated to offering a variety of theatrical and cultural events, forming creative partnerships, and maintaining an open exchange with its community, CWT has developed a unique synthesis of artistic exploration.
Mobius, Inc. is funded by the LEF Foundation; The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), a state agency; the Boston Cultural Council, the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts; and generous private support.

The CWT is funded by the MGH's Smart Choices for Charlestown Foundation, the Boston Cultural Council, the Charlestown Neighborhood Council Mitigation Fund, the Boston Police Department's Violence Prevention Program, and generous private support.

When: Thursday, October 28, 2004 8 pm

Tickets: $10/$8 students, seniors, and friends of mobius

More info: Mobius: 617.542.7416
OR Charlestown Working Theater: 617.242.3285

Boston's Artist-Run Organization for Experimental Work in All Media
374 Congress St. 6th flr, Boston, MA 02210
phone: 617-542-7416 fax: 617-451-2910

Where: Charlestown Working Theater, 442 Bunker Hill St. in Charlestown, Sullivan Station stop on the MBTA Orange line.

Mobilize 2
dal 27/10/2004 al 28/10/2004

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