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The Edstrand Foundation
dal 8/12/2004 al 20/2/2005
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The Edstrand Foundation

Malmo Konsthall, Malmo

Scholarship Winners 2004: Christian Andersson, Miriam Backstrom, Jonas Dahlberg, Tommi Gronlund. In addition, three scholarships will be presented to students graduating from the Malmo Art Academy: Henrik Dahlstrom, Johanna Domke, and Tomas E. Scherer.

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Scholarship Winners 2004

To Christian Andersson (born in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden) for having, in a series of installations and with unswerving precision and an eye for form, incorporated into the artistic debate an illusionism which almost belongs to the world of vaudeville. Time and again, we have been confronted in amazement with impossible but simultaneously highly tangible physical constellations, in the presence of a fantasy which is far beyond the banality of trickery. (SEK 200,000)

To Miriam Bäckström (born in 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden) for having challenged, in her photographic art and now also in film, the most widely accepted ideas about authenticity, construction and tempo. Using the classic studio camera and "found" scenographic settings from film and television recordings she has developed a highly austere methodology in which reality, fiction and the observer's position as an interpreter cannot be distinguished from each other. This critical approach to the various media's construction of reality is also apparent in the intricate interaction between object and subject in the video Rebecka. (SEK 200,000)

To Jonas Dahlberg (born in 1970 in Uddevalla, Sweden) for a methodology in which architecture and film have merged into a wholly individual and extremely suggestive dramaturgy. Here, space is not merely a framework but is rather the actual content of the imagination, whether, like a character out of Kafka, we are transported endlessly around an apartment, or transported in a lift to Hell, or, as in Weightless Space 1, we watch in paralysis as our only potted plant hovers weightlessly around us. (SEK 200,000)

To Tommi Grönlund (born in 1967 in Åbo, Finland) and Petteri Nisunen (born in 1962 in Vandas, Finland) for having combined sound and image in an exceptional manner. Their audiovisual sculptures and installations have been nothing less than trailblazing. Whether an individual work comes across as verging on being conceptually austere, or as threateningly bombastic, or as tender but simultaneously ambiguously humorous or poetic, it challenges in its very composition the often so limited laws of representation. (SEK 200,000)

In addition, three scholarships will be presented to students graduating from the Malmö Art Academy: Henrik Dahlström, Johanna Domke, and Tomas E. Scherer (SEK 30,000 each).

Image: Miriam Bäckström "Rebecka", 2004, DVD with sound, 42 min loop. Courtesy Nils Stærk Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

Malmo Konsthall
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