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Video Surveillance
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Gintaras Makarevicius

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Video Surveillance

Galerie Schleicher+Lange, Paris

By Gintaras Makarevicius. A series of screenings will take place at the gallery several times a year. Organised independently of the gallery's exhibition schedule and generally lasting for one week, each video surveillance is dedicated to an individual artist.

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galerie schleicher+lange is pleased to announce the launch of vidéo surveillance, a series of screenings that will take place at the gallery several times a year.

Organised independently of the gallery's exhibition schedule and generally lasting for one week, each vidéo surveillance is dedicated to an individual artist.
In collaboration with international curators, galerie schleicher+lange presents video artists from a whole variety of backgrounds and nationalities whose works are not yet widely known in France, creating a space for discovery. Rather than presenting only the latest video piece, several films by the same artist are selected for each vidéo surveillance, aiming to give an overview of the artist's work.
The videos of the artists presented will be included in the gallery's video archive which is about to be established and can be consulted on request.

For the launch of this series, galerie schleicher+lange is proud to present :
vidéo surveillance_001
by Gintaras Makarevicius

Born in Trakai (Lithuania) in 1965, Gintaras Makarevicius studied painting at the Vilnius Academy of Art. He lives and works in Vilnius (LT). Mainly recognised for his video work, Gintaras Makarevicius has exhibited widely on an international scale, notably at the Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb (2001), Manifesta 4, Frankfurt (2002), Salzburger Kunstverein (2003), Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York (2003), 'World Wide Video Festival' , Amsterdam (2003), Center for Contemporary Art, Leipzig (2004), Villa Manin, Codroipo / Italy, (2004/2005), as well as numerous group and solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius.

Using a documentary approach in his films, Makarevicius' artistic practice is closely related to life, the passing of time and a coming to terms with the changing realities around us.

For the duration of vidéo surveillance_001, three films representing a cross section of his work are to be screened at galerie schleicher+lange:

'Relatives' (2000, 24', BETA / DVD) shows an intimate portrait of Makarevicius own family in his native village. Documenting their everyday life, Makarevicius questions the life in rural Lithuania and demonstrates the severitie of the generation gap arisen since the collapse of the Soviet regime.

'The Pit' (2001/2002, 45' BETA / DVD)
Divided into the classic format of the four seasons, Makarevicius follows three generations of gravediggers working together in a rural village of Lithuania, documenting how Life unfolds in the constant presence of Death.

'Vaskichi' (2004, 17' DVD)
Filmed in the perspective of first person shoot-em-up computer games, this 'Documentary Action Film'' shows a group of children and adolescents playing war, using homemade wooden toy guns modelled in distinctive designs outside the Vilnius' towncenter.

Similar to his previous works such as 'Relatives' and 'The Pit', Makarevicius succeeds to offer the audience an insight into the lives of the group of people he portrays. Despite the presence of the camera, Makarevicius achieves to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding; people seem to be at complete ease with his undertaking, following their every day life as if the camera was not even there. Makarevicius steps back in order to get closer to the essence of the subject discussed in his films, giving an almost objective account of the lives of different generations of people living in Lithuania at the present time.


next opening:
Timo Nasseri__'jet skin'
thursday 10th february 2005__6.30pm to 9pm

press contact: Thomas Rousseau
Gallery contact: Andreas Lange

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