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Crossing Visions III
dal 2/2/2005 al 29/3/2005
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Crossing Visions III

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka City

AniMate: ANIME in Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art

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Venue:Asia Gallery B (7F)

In recent years, those artists who have grown up with comics and animation are literally “animating” the contemporary art scenes in Japan and Korea. Unlike the 60s when Pop Art appropriated comics as the iconic symbol of popular culture, in the 90s, comics and animation became a part of everyday life in both Japan and Korea, producing new expressions by young artists for whom comics played a crucial part of their experiences of growing up.

The variant approaches in their works include: the making of a new character by taking references from existing comics, utilization of expressive techniques that are specific to comics such as framing and narrative, and application of the techniques of animation. The works by each artist are shown in vitrines like the frames in comics. As the title of the exhibition series, “Crossing Visions” may suggest, the exhibited pieces cross the borders between the gallery space and other spaces in the museum. “AniMate。” is a coinage based on ‘animation’ and ‘mate.’

Aida Makoto/Nishiyama Minako/Aoki Ryoko+Ito Zon/Mr.
Lee Dongi/44(Sasa)/Choi Ho-chul/Moon Kyungwon

Closed Wednesdays
Asia Gallery B (7F)
Adult 200(150) High school/ college 150(100)円 Free for under 12 year-old( )is the group admission.

Organizer Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Supported by The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation SHISEIDO

Program related to the exhibition

Artist Talk by Japanese and Korean artists
18:00-20:00 3 February 2005
AJIBI Hall (8F) Admission free, Japanese-Korean translation
Aida Makoto/ Nishiyama Minako/ Ito Zon/ Mr. Lee Dongi/44/ Moon Kyungwon

14:00-16:00 5 March 2005
AJIBI Hall (8F) Admission free, Korean-Japanese translation
"Relation between Popular Culture and Contemporary Art in Korea"
Lecturer: Park Shin-Eui (Professor of Arts and Cultural Management, Kyung Hee University)

Korean comics are in the museum!!
You can read Japanese comics published in Korea during the exhibition period.
Place: Sculpture Lounge, Cafe Huang Liuli

Work in Progress
Nishiyama Minako and 44(Sasa) are producing their work in the museum from the end of January.

Image: Nishiyama Minako "Welcome to your Cinderella Kitsch S" 2004
You can be Cinderella in the exhibition!?

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
7 & 8th Floor, Riverain Center Bld.,
3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Japan
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