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dal 18/3/2005 al 19/4/2005
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Suspended Thoughts - Moments. The artist says: ''The paintings are an analysis of self, though often introspective, they are, also, reflections from observations of a common social environment...''

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Suspended Thoughts - 'Moments'

PLEASANT, American Artist, born in Savannah Georgia in 1974, and working both there and in New York City as well as in Europe, will for the first time in Sweden show his exhibition SUSPENDED THOUGHTS - moments at Octava Gallery.

Pleasant describes this exhibition as an art installation

'...constructed as a series of images that are manifested from personal thoughts. The paintings are an analysis of self, Though often introspective, they are, also, reflections from observations of a common social environment. They are suspended to give a sense of chaos and order , in contradiction, yet in harmony. This closely matches the true nature of reality, where logic and irrational action and thoughts are one, but separate; conflicting, yet in balance. Free floating in space and constantly shifting with change. Continuously giving the observer an alternative view from each new perspective. Which better illustrates the idea of chaos and order, in harmony yet in conflict...'

Suspended Thoughts has been shown earlier in London and latest at VARGA Gallery in New York.

In New York, Pleasant has been cooperating in different projects with Stefan Eins, most renowned for having created and operated the non-commercial and alternative Fashion Moda Gallery, which represented the late Keith Haring.

SUSPENDED THOUGHTS - 'moments' will be open on Octava Gallery's regular opening hours (see left margin) plus extended daily opening hours over the Easter Weekend. Welcome!

During the period February 28th through April 3rd, Octava Gallery is also presenting a small exhibition at Kammarkaféet, adjacent to the Concert Hall and Municipal Library in Kristianstad: Paintings by Viveca Bosma. We are also proud to welcome Viveca Bosma in our Web Gallery

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dal 18/3/2005 al 19/4/2005

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