Lot 6
Penn Street
Two exhibitions
dal 29/7/2005 al 27/8/2005
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Lot 6

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Two exhibitions

Lot 6, Bristol

Publish and be Damned Public Library - Remote

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Publish and be Damned

Public library

designed by Pablo Léon de la Barra

Publish and be Damned, is onging exploring current experimental editorial directions through an eclectic selection of self-published magazines, comics and journals through fairs and an archive..

From the 30th July to 27th August LOT will host the Publish and be Damned archive, with some 150 publications presented in a Public Library designed by Pablo Léon de la Barra. Arranged in an offbeat taxonomy and discovered through the informal networks that make up the self-publishing scene, the material ranges from DIY fanzines to glossy periodicals, video compendiums to critical journals. Surveying a gamut of independent publications, Public Library demonstrates individual approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream.

Publish and be Damned was initiated in 2004 by Emily Pethick and Kit Hammonds and continues with the assistance of Sarah McCrory


Sunday 31 July, 2005
3 – 7pm
St James Church
Clerkenwell Close
London EC1



an exhibition curated by Eamon O’Kane @ LOT, Bristol

REMOTE will consist of wall drawings and projections on the wall. Artists in the show have been asked to provide works that can be carried out ‘remotely’ to their instructions and/or to respond to the meaning of the work Remote.

The artists in the exhibition are

David Shrigley
David Sherry
Katie Holten
Garrett Phelan
Sophia Greff
Joel Croxson
John Beattie
Liam O’Callaghan
Niamh O’Malley

Image: Katie Holten

LOT is located on the corner of Penn Street and Broadweir

Two exhibitions
dal 29/7/2005 al 27/8/2005

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