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Victoria Miro Gallery, London

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Ross Bleckner, Peter Doig, Chris Ofili, Udomsak Krisanamis & Yayoi Kusama.
This exhibition features five artists whose recurring, yet widely divergent, use of circular shapes, dots, droplets and spots are technical and aesthetic tools used for the exploration into objects, places, popular culture, abstract forms and the self.

Ross Bleckner's interest in painterly techniques and investigations into biological sciences have long formed a major part of his oeuvre. His repetitious use of circular shapes metamorphose into amoebic forms or molecules floating in space. His experimentation with light and light sources brings out a luminescence and warmth to the overall surface, lending a pulsating effect to the globular forms. Bleckner, who is represented by the Mary Boone Gallery, has had important solo shows at the Guggenheim Museum in New York amongst others and was recently exhibited in The American Century: Art and Culture 1900-2000, Part II,1950-2000 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Often utilising film stills, footage of actual events, or photographs of urban and rural environments, Peter Doig's paintings emanate a quiet sense of nostalgia reminiscent of one's past or conjure up an atavistic feeling of a long forgotten memory. His depictions of unnamed places, landscapes or scenes are partially obscured by the foregrounding of thickly rounded snowflakes or the cross sectioning of branches, leaves and trunks of trees. A touring museum exhibition of DoigÕs paintings opens at the Berkeley Art Museum, in February.

Polka dots, nets, phalluses, and food are outcroppings of Japanese-born Yayoi Kusama's lifelong, self-professed obsessions with these elements, which she uses to cover and obliterate the surfaces of her multimedia works. Kusama's obsessions have become a therapeutic means of articulating her universe, and in turn, she invites the viewer into her all-consuming universe. A retrospective of Kusama's works is currently on view at the Serpentine Gallery through 19 March.

Thai born, New York based Udomsak Krisanamis' richly textured collaged paintings reflect his highly personalised approach to language.
Taking thousands of words from newspaper texts, Krisanamis obliterates and erases letters while leaving untouched the negative spaces within such letters as "o" or "b" Krisanamis has been included in a number of important surveys of new painting including projects 63 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and Nach-Bild at the Kunsthalle Basel.

Chris Ofili aptly pushes the boundaries of painting, both conceptually and through the deconstruction of modern formalist techniques. In his latest work, mono rojo, 1998 Turner Prize winner Ofili continues his exploration of these cultural encodings and innovative techniques.

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