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Fraktale IV

Palast der Republik, Berlin

25 Positions of Contemporary Art on the Phenomenon of Death.

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25 Positions of Contemporary Art on the Phenomenon of Death

Fraktale Zeitgenössische Kunst e. V. presents from 17 September to 22 October 2005 in Berlin's Palast der Republik a collective exhibition of contemporary art on the phenomenon of “death.” In paintings, installations, photographs, sculpture and performance events, 25 artists approach the dimensions of death - the seemingly incomprehensible - from a wide range of angles.

Established artists and newcomers exhibit a broad mixture of artistic positions. They range from religious and philosophical approaches to the subject of death to ironic, terrible and humorous points of view. What is special about them is that all these works of art enter into a direct dialogue with the venue and were composed with it in mind.

The Palast der Republik - doomed to demolition - is thereby transformed from the platform to the body of the exhibition.After the end of the exhibition the Palast der Republik will be demolished.

FRAKTALE IV continues a series of contemporary art exhibitions initiated by Jonas Burgert and Ingolf Keiner.The defined objective of the series is to formulate questions of substance relating to human existence in an age of loss of values.

The focus of aesthetic scrutiny is on phenomena that extend beyond time such as Nature - FRAKTALE I, Evolution - FRAKTALE II and Metaphysics - FRAKTALE III. The work of art itself is a fractal and achieves as an individual item merely an approximation of the “whole” truth. FRAKTALE III “Faktor Transzendenz” was on show in 2003 at the Reichstag U-Bahn station and attracted more than 12,000 visitors.

The artists exhibiting at Fraktale IV:

Stefan Berchtold, video
Benjamin Bergmann, installation
John Bock, video.
Jonas Burgert, painting
Birgit Dieker, installation
Harald Fuchs, video
Sid Gastl, painting
Andreas Golder, painting
Christian Hahn, painting
Jörg Herold, installation
Stephan Huber, installation
John Isaacs, installation
Ingolf Keiner, installation
Herlinde Koelbl, photographs
Ruprecht von Kaufmann, painting
Jörg Lange, installation
Boris Nieslony, installation, video
Alexandra Ranner, installation
Tobias Regensburger, installation.
Rudolf Reiber, video
Anri Sala, installation
Roman Signer, video installation
Twin Gabriel, photographs
Oliver van den Berg, installation
Wiebke M. Wachmann, installation

Organised by Fraktale

An exhibition catalogue will be published.

Opening 16.09.2005, 19 h
Palast der Republik - Berlin

Hours: daily 10-20 h

Special opening hours
29.09 to 3.10.2005 10-24 h

Finissage 22.10.2005, 19 h

Press and Communications
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Sylke Bluhm and Ron Bloch
Tel. +49 (0)30 2408 4788

Fraktale IV
dal 15/9/2005 al 22/10/2005

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