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Vintage monsters
dal 6/10/2005 al 31/10/2005
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Richard Mirando

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Vintage monsters

McCaig-Welles Gallery, New York

Richard Mirando (a.k.a. SEEN) has made a transition into the world of sculpture experimenting with its many textures and media. In this new work there are symbolic references to urban environment as well skulls that represents fear, in all its shades.

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Vintage Monsters

Making his start in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s as a NYC subway painter, Mirando has exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world. Now retreating from the flat surface of SEEN on trains and canvas, he has made a transition into the world of sculpture experimenting with its many textures and media. In this new work you can find symbolic references to urban environment as well skulls that represents fear, in all its shades:

“The medium I choose to work with today comes from my history working near and with objects from the streets, the discarded rusty pieces of metal, and parts of the transportation system left to die on the side of the tracks, that are the visual clues of the transmutation by the weather-time action, giving to them a new form, shape and surface to be used for a different purpose and life.”

Richard Mirando is well known artist and who lives and works in NYC. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and abroad. His work is in major private and public collections. “Many of the great New York City subway painters from the late 1970's and early 1980's have fallen into oblivion, nevertheless several have been quite successful with their creativity since that period. Richard Mirando (a.k.a. SEEN) may have been the greatest and most versatile artist from this generation of subway painters. SEEN produced some of the most innovative whole carriage murals. Many photographic reproductions of his public paintings are known world wide, especially where graffiti has left an indelible mark on society.

More than any other painter of this genre, his name is most known due to the popularity of his clothing manufacturing company; several tattoo parlors bearing his name throughout the NYC area; and his constant globetrotting. SEEN's extensive creativity was first highlighted in the books "Subway Art" and "Spraycan Art", by the talented photographers Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper. The international cult classic documentary "Style Wars" was broadcasted on NYC PBS stations and had a limited run in art house cinemas. The film offered a refreshing insight to the thoughts and creations by this artist. "Style Wars" also highlighted his humorous, whimsical and compassionate demeanor.”

Soma NYC Gallery Catalog

"SEEN's influence on style in New York City is quickly apparent to anyone who visits his East Bronx neighborhood. In other parts of the United States and throughout the world, he is probably one of the most imitated and emulated of New York writers."

-James Prigoff 1987. Spraycan Art

"SEEN-the ultimate graffiti writer. He's done everything. He's done it all the right way. It's pretty much flawless. There is not much better you can get."

-SANE 1986. Subway Art

"He personifies the very best elements of his movement (yes, his movement). Tenacity and drive are such overly developed components in this individual that they can be easily mistaken for grabs at global domination. Like all virtuosos, SEEN has the pesky ability to make daunting challenges appear easy. But his work-boot approach to art making seems almost to contradict the plush, velvety results his hand produce."

About McCaig-Welles

McCaig-Welles Gallery opened March 3, 2001 at Havemeyer and S. 2nd Street, and moved to its current Williamsburg location at 129 Roebling Street in September of 2003. It is an artist-run gallery emphasizing urban and street art, showing mid-career and well known artists including Shepard Fairey, The Goldmine Shithouse, Logik, Futura, The Tats Cru, Seen, Quik, SP. One, Dalek, Doze, and Martha Cooper. McCaig-Welles is a member of The Williamsburg Gallery Association and was cited for "Best Graffiti Art" in "The Best of Manhattan" issue of The New York Press. Recent reviews and articles have been featured in The New York Press, AM NY, The Village Voice, The Wooster Collective, The Columbia Spectator, Paper Magazine, The New York Times, Artnet, Flavorpill and more...

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7, 2005 7-10pm

McCaig-Welles Gallery
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