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Diversity Part II
dal 18/11/2005 al 31/12/2005
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Diversity Part II

Sulkin Secant Gallery - Bergamot Station Art Center, Santa Monica

The exhibition presents paintings and photography. Artists: Milton Jeron, Julia Brandreth, Katherine Greene, Ted Knerr, Henrietta Mantooth, Pamela Saturday, Carolyn Stockbridge, Marguerite Treon.

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Group show

Ell Art Exchange announces the opening for Diversity Part II Saturday November 19, 2005.

Diversity Part II, paintings and photography, is the second and final part of a group exhibit that celebrates the distinct styles of these selected artists. The exhibit will be at the Sulkin Secant Gallery in the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, California.

Photographer, Julia Brandreth, believes that photography is a medium which allows her to connect with and explore the world around her. Brandreth says, 'The act of taking a picture makes what is before me real and reveals which is not at first visible.' Brandreth resides in Los Angeles, Ca.

Katherine Greene creates rich, color-saturated acrylic on canvas paintings. Greene says, 'I focus on color because color is energy and this inherent power can change your perceptions.' Texture adds another dimension to her work and is produced by incorporating textured gels, paper, fabric and sand with layers and layers of paint. Greene integrates shapes, such as, circles, spirals and squares, which are symbols for change and have individual as well as cultural meaning. She was recently juried into 'Biennial 2005' presented by the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Greene resides in the city of Sonoma in Northern California.

Milton Jeron lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His paintings reveal a colorful tropical richness where insistent geometric forms stand out among abstract and figurative images. He is an obsessive painter of forms diluted in bright and hidden lights, shadowy images, defined by bright colors that break the serenity of the painting. Jeron is an activist in community projects in Brazil and defends the contribution of artists who are involved in finding solutions to the social problems in Brazil.

Ted Knerr feels lucky in Manhattan that his studio on Riverside Drive has connections to nature. The parks, open space and light around the Hudson River are important daily influences on his art. His hope as an artist is, 'To reach out intuitively beyond my conscious ideas and find something universal that we share with everyone in the world at some level beyond our individual personality. To find some piece of this in my art that may be of value to those who feel its resonance.'

Henrietta Mantooth is an artist from New York City who is a recipient of painting awards from the American Academy of Arts & Letters and the Joan Mitchell Foundation, among others. She says, "My work is often based on images and stories in the news, people who look out at us every day from the printed page and television screen but who are usually nameless -- refugees, rebels, farmers, men and women who tend and defend their land, homes, children, animals and ideas. My intention is that they speak out from the paintings. Here we are ."

Pamela Saturday describes her work as, '...tapestries of myriad visual, emotional and cultural experiences. Suggestions of images ranging from whimsical to sober disarm the viewer, offering an invitation to enter.' She creates a richly sensory experience of images, moods and allusions layered by weaving different techniques of paint application an assemblage. Saturday resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Carolyn Stockbridge is an artist whose work includes painting, music and writing. She is currently composing for Luscious, an experimental animation by Nina Rota and at work on an ongoing project called "The Disappearing Sun". Through painting and writing, Stockbridge is surveying issues of building development and effects on long term residents in Vancouver's notorious downtown eastside. Born in the UK, she now lives and works in Vancouver.

Marguerite Treon will be showing a series of small painted collages in Diversity Part II. She says her work is involved with shadows and secrets, "the hidden". She believes the smallness of her paintings gives the sense that they can be held in the palm of the hand and taken out to be looked at. Treon resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Image: Milton Jeron, 'Six', translucent plastic, steel cable and acrylic on canvas, 52 x 56 inches.

Opening: November 19 th, 5-9 pm

Sulkin Secant Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave., T-6 - Santa Monica

Diversity Part II
dal 18/11/2005 al 31/12/2005

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