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Parafraseando al diablo

Harto_Espacio, Montevideo

11 projects by international artists

comunicato stampa

Antonio Ortega
Alexander Pilis
Alejandro Vidal
Bruno Peinado
Chus García Fraile
El Perro
Heráclito López
Jaume Pitarch
Jordi Mitjà
Valérie Prot
Virginie Barré

Joaquín Barriendos and harto___espacio.

Parafraseando al diablo is a contemporary art exhibition including 11 projects by international artists. It is the third exhibition produced by harto___espacio, an autonomous and non-profit organization that develop contemporary art exhibitions using empty or unused buildings in Montevideo (Uruguay). Parafraseando al diablo emerged from an Internet dialogue between two artists, Alejandro Vidal (Spain, 1972) and Antar Kuri (Mexico, 1974). Departing from an initial keyword list the participating artists developed their proposals as a set of instructions that were later on negotiated and adapted to Montevideo´s reality.

Negotiation with reality is largely determined by the opportunities of adaptation to such certainty. A reality that sometimes presents itself as negative and hostile. The artists in this exhibition take an evident social, politic or reactive commitment. Some have done it before, some are doing it for the very first time, but all of them act as mediators between this evil force and the public, manifesting the wicked intentions that may lie in every discourse or given reality.

Ranging from pirate material destruction to the archetypical violent “barra brava”, from the urban guerrilla or stencil, to the liberation of oppressed animals, Parafraseando al diablo shows the symptoms of a disease.

insurgency, revenge, narco, punk, illegal, political violence, trash metal, piracy, rebellion, bureaucracy, activism, suicide, exile, radical, kidnap, noise, rave, breakdance

Private View 15th november, 19.30 hs.

Alzaibar#1262, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Parafraseando al diablo
dal 14/11/2005 al 6/12/2005

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