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Winter exhibitions

Centro Cultural de Belem - CCB, Lisboa

Berardo Collection: Construct, Destruct/ Inhabit; a selection of works which are related with the questioning of space, in a closer or metaphoric way. The exhibition is built from the experiences of constructive artists and the beginning of abstraction in the second decade of the 20th century to the American minimalism of the 60's and 70's. Real Bordalo is a 'painter of Lisbon', where he was born in 1925. Hybrid objects from painting to sculpture of Adriana Varejao. The Aires Mateus show presents the most recent production of this architecture atelier. Models, almost in a natural dimension, bus stops, entrances of school buildings, porticoes or windows by Sabine Hornig.

comunicato stampa

Real Bordalo

Place: Conference Centre/ Laman Room

Real Bordalo is a “painter of Lisbon", where he was born in 1925. His talent for drawing and painting was demonstrated very early, being admitted as professional painter at the age of 16 in the Ceramica Constancia Faianca Bastitini. After a successful experience in scenography, working with Leitao de Barros, he attended classes at the National Society of Fine Arts, having Alberto de Sousa and Alfredo Morais as watercolour masters.
Throughout his career, Real Bordalo carried out various collective and individual exhibitions, not only in Portugal but also abroad.
His talent was recognised and he was awarded various prizes and rewards. His work is represented at national museums (amongst which are the Jose' Malhoa Museum and the Municipal Museums of Lisboa and Amarante) and various private collections in Portugal, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and Spain. His 80 years of a life of hard work, which he celebrates this year, offers us mature and magnificent paintings by this great artist, with an individual brand of nostalgic watercolours creating fog and mist.

exhibition | up to 15th january 2006

Adriana Varejao: Chamber of Echoes
Local Gallery 1 / floor -1

Commissioner Herve' Chande's | Delfim Sardo
Centro Cultural de Bele'm | Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris

Adriana Varejao was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1964, began her career at the beginning of the 80’s and is presently one of the most remarkable Brazilian artists on the contemporary scene, in Brazil and abroad. Her work reproduces cultural and historic elements, with themes connected with colonisation, baroque and the tile industry. She also researches the use of the human body, visceral and representation of flesh as an aesthetic element. Although connected with baroque, her work is strongly contemporary through the excessive use of materials, layers of ink and information.
The exhibition presented is based on the most recent works of this artist, in which painting gave place to spatiality, constructing hybrid objects from painting to sculpture, derived from dense investigation on baroque space, defined in a stimulating field of dialogue between Portuguese culture and contemporary Brazil.

Aires Mateus: Architecture
Local Gallery 3 - floor -1

Commissioner Diogo Seixas Lopes

The Aires Mateus exhibition presents the most recent production of this architecture atelier through his most significant projects and works.
It is not a monographic exhibition but a selection of emblematic works of the formal and conceptual agenda of architects, departure and arrival points of their practice. Divided between houses and public or private buildings, the works are represented by maquettes, drawings or photos, which establish a new relationship with the visitor, by their scale and assembly. In order to overcome difficulties caused by the technical codes of the syllabus, the exhibition was conceived as a physical experience of Aires Mateus’s architecture. So, it is possible to enter below the suspended volumes of a house in Azeitao, to inspect from above the coverings of a museum in Cairo or examine a cultural centre in Sines in cross section. All these proposals are framed by a radical configuration of space in the Exhibition Centre of the Centro Cultural de Bele'm in an Aires Mateus’s project - which accommodates all others - to be explored, crossed and observed.

Sabine Hornig: The second space
Local Gallery 1 / floor -1

Commissioner Delfim Sardo

Sabine Hornig is a German artist whose work is unpublished in our country. Born in 1961, she has divided her activity through photography, sculpture and installation. In her work the use of architecture is particularly remarkable, either as a sculptural element or as childhood memory - through models, almost in a natural dimension, bus stops, entrances of school buildings, porticoes or windows. In her works, which juggle with the scale of elements which we recognise from public architecture and habitation, there is simultaneously a nostalgic sense but also an entertaining character, present in the way their spaces confound our senses.
Either through reflections in windows which open to nowhere as in photographic images, so real that we are almost convinced that they are openings to other spaces, the spectator is invited to stroll through spaces in which reflections, scale effects and surprise combine with a poetic sense.
Sabine Hornig lives and works in Berlin and although she has carried out a project in the MoMA of New York in 2003, this is her first presentation in an anthological exhibition in a museological context.

Sancho Silva: Orange Works
In collaboration with John Hawke

Local various spaces

Commissioner Delfim Sardo

Sancho Silva is a Portuguese artist presently residing in New York, where he participates in the Whitney Studio Program.
His work, recently seen in Lisbon in an intervention in the Gallery ZDB, is based on dialogue situations with architecture, leaving the public to express points of view and find places radically new in pre-existent architectural structures, questioning the nature of the exhibition space.
This Project Room also inaugurates after two years of interventions located in a single room in the Great Hall, a new typology of migration interventions, which occupy various spaces of the Exhibition Centre.

Berardo Collection
construct / destruct / inhabit

local Galleries 3 and 4 / floor 2

Commissioner Delfim Sardo

The Berardo Collection has been presented in CCB in chronological and thematic exhibitions, as was the case of the exhibition named "Corpus" which for six months of 2004 took place in the Exhibition Centre, in the second floor. If the exhibition gathered works which were significant in transforming vision and thinking on the body, the present exhibition of the Berardo Collection results from a selection of works which are related with the questioning of space, in a closer or metaphoric way. So, the exhibition sought to gather, within the collection, the works which reflect a particular relationship with architecture, living space and landscape either through representation or through the construction of spaces. This way, the exhibition is built from the experiences of constructive artists and the beginning of abstraction in the second decade of the 20th century to the American minimalism of the 60’s and 70’s.
Due to reasons related to our programme, the exhibition Construct, Destruct/ Inhabit was remodelled. Although smaller, the exhibition holds the directing line and provides the opportunity of showing one of the latest acquisitions of the Berardo Collection - a great quality work of Dennis Oppenheim.

Ad Reinhardt
Agnes Martin
Aleksandr Vesnin
Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso
Anthony Caro
Bridget Riley
Bruce Nauman
Carl Andre
Carl Buchheister
Dan Flavin
Daniel Buren
Dennis oppenheim
Ella Bergmann-Michel
Fernando Calhau
Florence Henri
Friederich Vordemberg - Gildewart
Georges Vantongerloo
Guillermo Kuitca
Gustav Klucis
Hamish Fulton
Helena Almeida
Imi Knoebel
Jean Gorin
Jean Peyrissac
John McCracken
Josef Albers
Joseph Beuys
Julian Opie
Kasimir Malevitch
Kenneth Martin
Kurt Schwitters
Lajos Kassak
Lazar El Lissitzky
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Lubov Popova
Lucio Fontana
Marcel Duchamp
Mario Merz
Michael Ashkin
Richard Long
Sol Lewitt
Thomas Ruff
Tony Cragg
Vito Acconci
Yves Klein

Image: Real Bordalo

Fundacao Centro Cultural de Belem
Centro Cultural de Bele'm Praca do Imperio 1499 - 003 Lisboa
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