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carla barbara claire

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www.carla-barbara-claire.nl has been commisioned to Maura Biava by the province of Limburg and the city of Maastricht on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Treaty of Maastricht.

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http://www.carla-barbara-claire.nl has been commisioned by the province of Limburg and the city of Maastricht on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Treaty of Maastricht.

Initially the two authorities requested a rough design for a monument symbolizing the spirit of Europe. Biava, however, came up with the presentation of a website and not with a traditional sculpture made of bronze or stone. Because of the originality of the project the province of Limburg and the city of Maastricht have decided to give Biava the opportunity to develop the website and to leave the final selection of the monument to be erected in September on the banks of the river Meuse open for discussion.

www.carla-barbara-clair.nl is centered around three fictional history students. They are very much concerned with the fate of Europe and study the consequenses of the unification for the countries involved. Will there be one European identity in the future? Carla decides to make a boat trip to a great number of ports in order to find out more about the similarities and the differences between the various members of the European Union. She uses photographs, drawings and notes to soak up as much information as possible. She talks to all the people she meets on the way " from shopkeepers tophilosophers " in order to get inspiration for what in the end will a suitable monument to symbolize a united Europe.
In addition to being a travel report, http://www.carla-barbara-clair.nl also features five proposals for the monument, made by Carla (c.q. Biava) with the assistance of Barbara and Claire. The visitors of the website will be able to pick their favourite design and also will be asked to come up with changes, additions and ideas of their own. After all Europe is an issue which concerns us all. Finally, the three best proposals will be presented to the city of Maastricht and the province of Limburg.

Carla, Barbara and Claire also can be seen live. During the project on the internet, the Centre Céramique will stage a series of performances featuring the three actresses who will take turns playing the role of one of the students (Karin de Jong is from the city of Rotterdam and Karen Claes and Sofie Knijf studied at the theater school of Maastricht). Seated in a glass internet office the actresses will invite the audience to talk with them by e-mail and discuss the future of Europe. People at home behind their computers are invited to chat and join in the discussion. The tone and the subject of the conversation will vary from lighthearted to serious, depending both on the mood of the student and the mood of the other participants. Europe is an inexhaustable topic.

http://www.carla-barbara-clair.nl includes photographs, sketches, drawings and various text forms(from Biava herself as from politicians, historians and philosophers). The installation seems to be complex at first, but turns out to be very clear yet intricate. The project has been made visually attractive through the use of sketches, drawings and photographs and its interactive character makes it easily accessible for a large audience. With www.carla-barbara-clair.nl Maura Biava has succeeded in turning a political decision into a work of art.

http://www.carla-barbara-claire.nl can be visited on the internet from March 3, 2001. The performances in the main hall of the Centre Céramique can be seen daily from March 3 through April 14, between 1pm and 5pm (on Mondays and Saturdays until 3pm). The opening reception in the Centre Céreamique will be on March 3 from 5pm until 7pm.

Maura Biava (Reggio Emilia, 1970) lives and works in Rotterdam. After graduating from the Academy of Art in Milano, she studied at the Rijksacademy in Amsterdam from 1997 to 1999. She is represented by Gallery van Gelder and frequently exhibits in both The Netherlands and abroad.

In addition to Maura Biava other artists have been invited by the province of Limburg and the city of Maastricht to submit a proposal for the monument. later this year a final decision will be reached on who will be chosen to design the monument.

For more information please contact Juliëtte Jongma: +31.20.4636904 (tel/fax) +31.6.20476593 cbandc@hotmail.com

carla barbara claire
dal 2/3/2001 al 14/4/2001

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