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Annita Xanthou
dal 15/3/2006 al 28/4/2006

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Annita Xanthou

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Annita Xanthou

Medusa Art Gallery, Athens

Solo show. Kinetic sculptures and sound-constructions. The artist continues her instinctive poking around these abandoned landscapes of dusty chords and forgotten harmonies.

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On Thursday, March 16 at 8 p.m. Maria Dimitriadi opens the exhibition of the latest works of Annita Xanthou at the Medusa Art Gallery. Why is it that to our ancient forefathers Repetition was the mother of learning where as to us repetition has become a means of manipulation and forgetting?

First of all it is a question of quality of the repetition. Be it the golden section of phi, the principles of Harmony and the Muses or the archaeological finds, we are convinced that the ancients' aesthetic was infinitely higher than ours. Then it is a question of quantity of the repetition. Again, the ancients had thought it out and decreed that "to speak with brevity is to philosophize". We, their memory-less descendants, prattle all the time so that the important and the trivial are lost in an increasingly amorphous mush.

The ancient wise men did not say anything that came to them, because there were others who listened. Today we don't listen: we obey. We are told in good time which films are the best, and we queue up to see them. We are instructed as to who is the most suitable prime minister, and we hasten to vote for him. They tell us exactly how they want us to be, and we bend over backward to please them - whom? Journalists? Politicians?

What governs everything has no hands or feet; it has no head, but it has power and sway. The ancients meditated about beings, we only think about products. Worse still, we become products ourselves; products of economic, social, aesthetic falsification. And where the ancients had seven wise men we are all wise, yet we can't see past the end of our nose. This blindness becomes worse as we are bombarded with endless repetitions of useless information and mindless recipes for a successful life.

Quality repetitions stand out because they are based on beings rather than products. It is an arousing kind of repetition. Keep repeating the Pythagorean theorem, Heracleitus' saying that 'all is flux' or one of Mozart's melodies, and the harmony in them will be revealed to you and it will feel as if new, unimaginable doors have opened inside your mind. By contrast, dwelling on 'it goes well with everything', 'time is money' and other such contemporary wisdom not only does not help to unlock your mind but it makes it increasingly narrower.

Annita Xanthou continuous her instinctive poking around these abandoned landscapes of dusty chords and forgotten harmonies. After March 16, a sun is to shed light on Annita's kinetic sculptures and sound-constructions at the Medusa.

Opening Reception: 16 March 2006, 8pm

Medusa Art Gallery
7 Xenokratous Str. - Athens

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