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In the meantime...
dal 5/4/2001 al 27/5/2001
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In the meantime...

Two Venues, Amsterdam and Sittard

The exhibtition presents the work of Mark Bain, Yael Bartana, Sebastián Diáz Morales, Ângela Ferreira, Ksenia Galiaeva, Tracey Rose, Bülent Sangar, and Jun Yang. In the meantime... is a segment between two points. It is not a departure nor an arrival, but a moment that almost functions as a number of stills that are isolated from a film creating a new situation.

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The exhibtition presents the work of Mark Bain, Yael Bartana, Sebastián Diáz Morales, Ângela Ferreira, Ksenia Galiaeva, Tracey Rose, Bülent Sangar, and Jun Yang. in the meantime... is a segment between two points. It is not a departure nor an arrival, but a moment that almost functions as a number of stills that are isolated from a film creating a new situation.

The exhibition in the meantime... curated by the Curatorial Training Programme at the De Appel in Amsterdam, will present the videos, installations and photography of eight artists focusing on narratives of site and movement. All art works are derived from a particular situation and consciousness, extracting observations and private histories from the artists' archive of personal experiences. This consciousness prompts the artists to deal with the political, the geographical, and the everyday in a non-didactic way. No conclusions drawn, however. Rather than a single obvious reading, there are several readings that are available. A constant oscillation between reality and fiction, fiction and documentary, the communal and the private realm of the individual is offered.

The art of Sebastián Diáz Morales and Bülent Sangar emphasises an awareness of their 'in between status'. Yael Bartana's and Tracey Rose's work confronts the spectator, while distancing him/her from their intense experience. Jun Yang, Ksenia Galiaeva and Ângela Ferreira investigate the interplay of time and space, the now and the before, and the way we can relate to their perceptions, whereas Mark Bain's nearly imperceptible sound paths unconsciously stop the visitors in their tracks.

The layers of time and place involved in the works of art presented in in the meantime... engage the viewer in the complexity and awareness of the situation, leading to new ways of exploring and understanding individual circumstances. An exhibition catalogue and web site - - (launch date 25th of March 2001) will accompany and explore the exhibition and its process on different levels and will be presented at the opening on April 6th. The artists will be present in Amsterdam at the opening of the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition, a screening programme will be presented on Friday, the 13th of April, 2001 at 8 pm located at and in collaboration with the Cinema De Balie in Amsterdam. For reservations please call 020 553 5100.

De Appel is a center for contemporary art, located in the heart of Amsterdam. Over the past 25 years of its existence it has operated in an international network of art centres, museums and other exhibition spaces. The wide range of techniques and contexts for presenting contemporary art have been a recurring theme in the projects and exhibitions realised at De Appel as well as in its publications and public talks. The aim of the Curatorial Training Programme, founded in 1994, is to bridge the huge gap between the day to day practice of making exhibitions and the theoretical background offered by universities.

CTP curators: Hilde de Bruijn (Netherlands), Barbara Clausen (Austria), Dominique Fontaine (Canada/Haoti), Ilina Koralova (Bulgaria), Livia Páldi (Hungary) en Nuno Sacramento (Portugal).

An exhibition by the Curatorial Training Programme 00/01 Opening April 6th, 2001, 6 - 8 pm

De Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, NL- 1017 DE Amsterdam, t. +31 20 625 5651, f +31 20 622 5215

Born in the US in 1966, Mark Bain now lives and works in Amsterdam. Bain studied at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston and has referred to himself as an anti-architect. Bain works with architecture and investigates our perception of space and sound, questioning the architectural authority that is appealed to in presenting art. In many of the works he generates an earthly awareness, while at the same time subtly revealing the fragility of our own inner stability, at times literally shaking the fundaments of the architecture by producing intricate and eerie sound-scapes with radio transmitters, earthquake sensors and amplifiers. For in the meantime... Bain will conceive a new sculptural sound installation, specific to the building and the theme of the exhibition.

Born 1970 in Israel Yael Bartana works with the medium of video. She currently is working at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Her video installation "Profile" deals with the rituals of training in a society and the individual's role of assimilation within that context. The image loop used in "Profile" of young female Israeli soldiers visually seduces the viewer while exposing the mechanisms of systems and institutions. Bartana raises questions that exemplify the complexity of recalling a moment of the past.

Sebastián Diáz Morales was born in 1976 and is a film maker from Argentina. He is currently living and working at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. 'The story of the Dutch hole or the story of the hole" is a video by Sebastián Diáz Morales, in which four foreigners try to relate to the place where they now live. By metaphorically digging a hole in the ground, they seek what might be their roots, also perhaps trying to relate as foreigners to the gound (soil/water) if Amsterdam, where they are relocated. The ironic attitude and low budget set mirrors the precarious lives of most foreigners. The English, Turkish and Argentinean develop a conversation which includes the cameraman (the invisible artist), ending with the Dutchman (seen only once) covering the hole.

Ângela Ferreira, born 1958 in Mozambique, intertwines the personal and the collective memory encompassing both elements of her personal history as someone growing up as a colonizer in a colonized country, as well as elements that reflect on sentimental tendencies for past times within post-colonial Portugal. Part of her work has a strong focus on architecture as a symbol of reflecting on past and current political issues. For in the meantime... she will work on a sight specific archtictural installation at the De Appel. Ferreira currently lives and works in South Africa and Lisboa.

Ksenia Galiaeva lives and works in Amsterdam and was born 1976 in Pskov, Russia. She offers a transfer of diverse aspects of personal issues in her photography. Feeling homesick after coming to The Netherlands, she started to make photographs of her friends and family back in Russia, accompanied by personal narratives presented in homemade books. The nostalgic character of her work seems to point to a specific place. Nevertheless it also points to a remembered reality that can not be localised, perhaps in her photograpy itself.

Tracey Rose was born in 1974 in Johannesburg where she also lives and works. Often based in performance, Rose's work considers - and forces the viewer to reconsider - the formation of identity and the subject of racial politics. Rose inserts personal narrative into institutional frameworks. In her video installation 'TKO' (Technical Knockout) from 2000 the impact of a boxer's punches is projected onto a double-sided screen. Layered images displace the location of the viewer and the subject as the boxer moves on and off the screen, in and out of the cameras multiple views. By filming the blows with cameras embedded within an actual punching bag, Rose effectively positions the viewer as both the aggressor and the target. In this video piece, Rose deconstructs and reconstructs the role of the individual in society, juxtaposing the internal and external with the personal and social, reminding of the importance of multiple perspectives, multiple identities and visions in a vastly changing world.

Born in Istanbul in 1965 where he still lives, Bülent Sangar works with photography and recently video. in the meantime... will present his video installation 'fragile' from 2000. 'This gap between the home and the street, hence the difference between his works done in interiors and city images, is doubled with the fact the people living in apartments, have short histories in the cities and produce a bizarre urbanism where the street is a no man's land. As for the inside, the home becomes a radicalised container held together by inherited and internalised tradition.' (Vasif Kortun, Arco 2000, Madrid)

Jun Yang was born 1975 in China. Currently located in Vienna, Yang works with video, photography, and installation. The main issue in Yang's work is the exploration of his identity as a person of Asian origin, having grown up in a Western country. In an ironical demeanour he speaks of Western consumer clichés about China, while doing the same concerning Chinese prejudices and "resistance" towards Western influence. Yang deals with communication on a personal as well as social and cultural level, while reflecting on questions regarding the meaning and human dimensions of the globalisation evident in his own personal experiences. For in the meantime... he will present an extended version of his video installation 'Coming Home - daily structures of life'.

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