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Gary Panter
dal 24/5/2006 al 29/6/2006

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Gary Panter

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Gary Panter

Sandra Gering Gallery, New York

Gary Panter is well known for innovative projects in creative fields. His cartoon drawings, emerging out of the punk rock movement of the late 1970s, are currently featured in a historic museum show honoring 15 comic artists of the 20th century.

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Sandra Gering Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Gary Panter from 25 May through 30 June 2006. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, three-dimensional works, sketchbooks, and ephemera.

Gary Panter is well known for innovative projects in numerous creative fields. He was head designer for television’s Pee Wee’s Playhouse in the late 1980s, for which he won three Emmys; his comic strip, Dal Tokyo, has been published in a Japanese magazine for the past ten years; he collaborates with Joshua White on experimental light shows at venues such as the Hirshhorn Museum and Anthology Film Archives; and his illustrations have been on album covers and the cover of Time Magazine.

His cartoon drawings, originally emerging out of the punk rock movement of the late 1970s, are currently featured in a historic museum show honoring fifteen comic artists of the 20th century. The show, Masters of American Comics, originated in Los Angeles at the Hammer Museum and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. It is currently at the Milwaukee Art Museum and will travel to the Newark Art Museum and the Jewish Museum in New York later in 2006.

About the fine art work shown at Sandra Gering Gallery, Panter says:

"My painting activity results in a kind of cubist cartoon landscape, heavily patterned and brightly colored, crude and handmade, featuring imagery both infantile and adult - like scenes from candy-colored monster movies.

Half-remembered and rediscovered graphic elements are composed into imagined suburbs or country scenes, jungles or marine situations, almost always with an abstracted landscape as the base. The scenes use simple cliche's of landscape - sky, land, water, clouds, and trees - then I junk it up with buildings, signs, people, animals. An image heap. Simplified imagery from the western desert landscape and suburban strip mall co-mingle. The land ends and water begins - or swamp. Everywhere humans intrude and modify the scene. The sun comes up and goes down.

Painting operates as a medium stage between the landscape we physically inhabit and the landscape of our imaginations."

Gary Panter has had solo exhibitions in Japan, France, Switzerland, and Los Angeles, among many other locations. Further information about the artist can be found at

For additional information about the exhibition, please contact Marianna Baer at 646.336.7183 or at

opening reception: thursday, 25 may, 6-8pm

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