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Time Flies
dal 26/1/2007 al 9/3/2007

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Time Flies

gb agency, Paris

Robert Breer, Attila Csorgo, Ceal Floyer, Fischli and Weiss, Francois Morellet, Yann Serandour

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Robert Breer, Attila Csörgö, Ceal Floyer, Fischli and Weiss, François Morellet, Yann Sérandour

This exhibition gets its title from the 1997 Robert Breer film of the same name, which takes place in both individual and universal time.
“Time Flies” touches on a dynamic and unique present where man is at the center of a changing world.
The exhibition brings together works that focus on a fleeting and fragile moment, and yet are also part of the ongoing flux and a more universal process.
Apart from their formal and generational differences, the artists here share a refusal of reality by creating autonomous systems where humor and luck play key roles (Yann Sérandour and François Morellet, Fischli and Weiss).
“Time Flies” tests our awareness and perceptions with the use of visions, similar to illusionism (Ceal Floyer),
or through mathematic formulas that are turned into a game (Attila Csörgö).
And finally, “Time Flies” brings man back to his own temporality, either with instantaneous experience or propelling
him into the future (Robert Breer).

Robert Breer (1926 USA); he lives and works in Tappan, NY.
Attila Csörgö (1965 Hungria); he lives and works in Budapest.
Ceal Floyer (1968 Pakistan); she lives and works in Berlin.
Fischli and Weiss (1952 & 1946 Swizerland) ; they live and work in Zurich.
François Morellet (1926 France); he lives and works in Cholet.
Yann Sérandour (1974 France); he lives and works in Rennes.

Images: Time Flies, 1997, Film by Robert Breer

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