Bienal de Valencia
Carrer San Pius V, 9
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dal 12/6/2001 al 20/7/2001
963693088 FAX 963697125
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Bienal de Valencia, Valencia

The theme of the first edition of the Valencia Biennial is The Passions. The vices and virtues inherent in human behaviour will be interpreted by 150 leading exponents of creative culture worldwide. Revolving around eight different exhibitions and events, this festival will deal with the open and problematic identity of the contemporary individual. It will question the fundamental ethical, intellectual and sentimental concepts of universal human nature.

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The first Biennial: the theme
The theme of the first festival is The Passions, i.e., the whole range of human passions as interpreted by 150 great protagonists of international creative culture. In terms of behavior, Pride, Avarice, Lust, Ire, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth and - according to the ancient philosophical system as re-organized by Christian theologians - their counterparts, Faith, Fortitude, Prudence, Justice, Hope, Temperance, Charity, are ethical, intellectual, and emotional universals.

Does the open, problematical identity of contemporary man enfeeble and confuse his passions?

Is it possible that the crisis of centralized control mechanisms is not only leading to a freer expression of the passions, but is also leading to feelings of inadequacy regarding their arousal and control?

First of all doesn't the spread of the passions and their consequent collective impact on politics, economics, ecology, and globalized communication seem more and more imposing?

And doesn't the complexity and contradictory nature of the present increasingly tend to reveal the circular nature of the relationship between vice and virtue -the first as a degeneration brought on by the excessive development of the second, and vice versa - rather than their putative Manichean polarity?

Some of the artists involved will use the Internet to display their work


As from now, all the information on the Valencia Biennial can be found on the Internet through its newly established website. The website includes (among other things) the program of exhibitions, the artists, letters of presentation, tourist information, news, useful addresses, and press releases.

The event, directed by Luigi Settembrini, will turn a number of exemplary buildings and spots in the city of Valencia into cultural sites: the Atarazanas, the Hangars of the Port, the Carmen Convent, the Arts and Sciences’ City, the Gallera, the Botanic Gardens, the Almudín and the streets and squares of nocturnal Valencia.

The curators and editors of the exhibitions are Achille Bonito Oliva, Emir Kusturica, Robert Wilson, Cristiana Perrella, La Fura dels Baus, Lida Castelli, David Pérez, Peter Greenaway, Scanner and Shiro Takatani (Dumb Type), collaborating with more than a hundred artists.

The Valencia Biennial is a project of the Generalitat Valenciana (the autonomous administration of the Valencian Community), organized through its General Direction of Cultural Promotion and Artistical Heritage.

During the festival the web will turn into a meeting point between artists and public. Users will be able to follow the events and, in some cases, interact with them, buy entrance tickets and merchandising and receive news. Some of the artists involved will go as far as to exclusively use the Net for displaying their work.

Furthermore, the Biennial has reached an agreement with the arts’ specialized portal kwArt (, thus strengthening the new media and interdisciplinary character of the event.

The website can be consulted in Spanish, English and Valencian, and offers a digital press office that includes image material, press releases and a possibility to subscribe to a newsletter on the event, sent through e-mail.

When the first edition of the Valencia Biennial will have come to an end, the website will stay active. It will serve as an archive of the 2001 event, and, at the same time, be the publically accessible space where the second edition of the Biennial will be prepared, thus showing the work in progress.

Comunicación Filmac Centre

Director: Luigi Settembrini

Artistic Director:
Franco Laera

Program Director
Tomás Ruiz Company

General Coordinator: Francesca Sorace

The Almudin
The Atarazanas
The Carmen Convent
The Gallera
The Hemisferic
The Botanic Gardens
Streets and Squares of Valencia
The Port's Hangars

Bienal de Valencia
Carrer San Pius V, 9
46010 Valencia
Tel. + 34 96 369 30 88 / 360 57 93
Fax + 34 96 369 71 25

dal 12/6/2001 al 20/7/2001

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