Public Space With A Roof
Overtoom 301
Beauty Unrealized
dal 23/2/2007 al 7/3/2007
Thursday to Sunday 3pm - 7pm or by appointment

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Public Space With A Roof

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Beauty Unrealized

Public Space With A Roof, Amsterdam

Spider webs of personal universes seeking a form. Falke Pisano in "Extracts (Objects)" presents a work based on the books from the surrounding library.

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Spider webs of personal universes seeking a form

Falke Pisano: Extracts (Objects)

The starting point for Falke Pisano’s works is her interest in the constructive potential of thoughts, as well as the possibilities to create and resolve problems within the field of language using its internal systems of logic. The work presented at the PSWAR gallery is based on the books from the surrounding library. Inversing Italo Calvino’s description of Lucretius’ “De Rerum natura” as “the first great work of poetry in which knowledge of the world tends to dissolve the solidity of the world, leading to the perception of all that is infinitely minute, light and mobile”1 Pisano extracted from the books qualities, attributes, and forms.2 Those three elements define together a series of objects and therefore reconstruct a potential material origin of the knowledge comprised in these collections of writings.

The fifth part of Beauty Unrealized focuses on the potential of change in the already existing structures, whether they manifest itself as language (Pisano) or as architecture (Geers, Gandolfi). In her explorations of abstract sculptures, Falke Pisano searches for a speculative language that could turn material objects into structures of different, sometimes immaterial nature. Liberating the object from the limits of its previous existence, Pisano examines the possible answers for the question of how an object can exist within different conditions. Two architects, Kersten Geers and Emiliano Gandolfi will use the structure of a presentation in order to investigate the limits and potentials of beauty in terms of space, staged through the use of words, visuals and sounds. Their main interest is in the newly achieved perception of spatiality and the ways in which it has been organized into a more coherent discourse within the language of architecture.

As a framework for the whole project, we created a special library in which visitors can enter and get lost in the world of thoughts, ideas, questions, possibilities, and puzzles. For this library, we invited numerous individuals (artists, filmmakers, writers, theoreticians, etc.) to submit items that have significantly influenced them and their work. Inspired by Aby Warburg, this library is “a collection of questions” rather than “a repository of books, (…) involving not objects but the tension, analogies, contrasts, or contradictions among them”. Its inside will be used to host six separate exhibitions where the invited artists will present their past works, works in progress, or works produced especially for this project.

Like the majority of the PSWAR projects, Beauty Unrealized will combine an exhibition with an accompanying series of talks, lectures, public debates, and a reader. This is the fourth and final project of the second phase of the work of PSWAR, the result of questions and problems that have arisen from the previous projects. We regard it as a closing of an imaginary circle, which is why we have invited all the artists who participated in the history of PSWAR to be a part of its closure.

The project consists of 6 parts from January to April 2007
Opening dates: January 13, January 29, February 10, February 24, March 10, March 24

Opening: Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007 2 pm: Presentation and discussion: Kersten Geers and Emiliano Gandolfi: The Shape of Time

Public Space With A Roof
Overtoom 301 - Amsterdam
Open Thursday to Sunday 3pm - 7pm or by appointment.

Beauty Unrealized
dal 9/3/2007 al 19/3/2007

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