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Artem Mirolevich
dal 15/2/2007 al 2/3/2007

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Artem Mirolevich

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Artem Mirolevich

McCaig-Welles Gallery, New York

Solo show

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Solo show

We are pleased to announce Artem Mirolevich’s return to McCaig-Welles Gallery with his second solo show, Global Elements. Mirolevich continues the theme of his first solo exhibition “Sunken City”, once again creating an intense, futuristic world entirely submerged under water.

“Global Elements” explores Mirolevich’s personal reflections of the micro on macro cosmos and the consequences of man’s actions on earth. His thoughts about global warming and the present state of our environment are expressed in the form of vibrant colored, large-scale oil paintings and heavily contrasted with small, intimate etchings. A futuristic ship resembling floating Babylon towers is a predominant image throughout “Global Elements” as Mirolevich continuously and intricately weaves ancient elements into a futuristic civilization. He takes us on an intense journey creating a fantastical realm that is magical and extraordinary, yet ultimately and undeniably doomed.


Born and raised in Minsk, Russia, and currently residing in New York, Artem Mirolevich holds a BFA in Fine Arts and Illustration from The School of Visual Arts, where he was granted a full scholarship. He has had shows at Figureworks in 2003 and at Galeri Galou in 2004. He has created murals and promotional illustrations for The Wu-Tang Clan, Groove Corps and Empire Records.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 24, 2007 7-11pm

McCaig-Welles Gallery
129 Roebling Street, Brooklyn - New York

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