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Uli Aigner
dal 21/3/2007 al 13/4/2007

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Uli Aigner

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Uli Aigner

Haydee Rovirosa Gallery, New York

Drawings incorporate traditional subject matters like a personal or family portrait and use an unconventional visual orientation to depict an intimate view of the artist's relationships, mainly her friends and associates.

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New York City—Haydee Rovirosa Gallery is pleased to announce the first NY solo exhibition of Uli Aigner, Loveship. Uli Agner explores the limits of love & the ever-expanding boundaries of relationships. Loveship will be an encompasing environment of color and form in an installation of new large-scale drawings and silk tapestries by Uli Aigner.

The work in Loveship draws on Aigner’s interest in the construction of the contemporary family that she presented in her 2005 solo exhibition at LENTOS Art Museum (Austria), Nucleus of the State. The exhibition was comprised of drawings based on her own family portraits that represented the family as the center of one’s identity. The exhibition at Haydee Rovirosa Gallery takes this idea and explores how to expand the definition of family without changing its core meaning.

Aigner’s drawings incorporate traditional subject matter—a personal or family portrait—and use an unconventional visual orientation to portray an intimate view of the artist’s relationships. The drawings in Loveship are portraits of Aigner’s friends and associates, while the silk blankets contain self-portraits stitched with ribbon.

Through this work Aigner considers contemporary views of social interactions. The artist states, “love is such a kitsch and commercial scene nowadays but in reality it is so difficult to transfer into real daily life. Friendship the same.”

Uli Aigner was born in Austria and currently lives and works in Munich and Vienna. She has exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions at many prestigious venues, including MACG (Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil) in Mexico City, Kunsthalle and Essl Collection (Vienna); and the Freud Museum (London).

Haydee Rovirosa Gallery
529 W 20th Street - New York

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