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Two Exhibitions
dal 6/4/2007 al 3/5/2007

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Two Exhibitions

The Office, Huntington Beach

In "Netsuke: Multiplicity: the Quartering" Adrian de la Pena continues the project begun in 1995, when, contacted by an unknown being orbiting the planet, he was asked to help save the world. Since then the artist has been creating instruments necessary to quarter reality and, in so doing, avoid destruction. In the Project Space: a new work by Ana Rodriquez.

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Two exhibitions

The Office is pleased to present Netsuke: Multiplicity: the Quartering by Adrian de la Pena with a new work by Ana Rodriquez in our project space.

Netsuke: Multiplicity: the Quartering

In the future, in order to avert total world destruction, reality is quartered so that in only one reality the world is destroyed. In the other three realities the world survives in varying degrees. This multiplying of universes is a feat that will involve every human on earth including some from the future and some from the past.

My involvement with the Quartering began in 1995, when I was living temporarily in Gardena, California and was contacted, with a number of other people in the general area, by an unknown being orbiting the planet. This initial contact asked me if I would help to save the world sic 418. My response was: I will do what is necessary and beautiful.

Soon, I was inspired/instructed to write a story that would be about "many people and many things." The story begins at the Japanese Pavilion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where members of a gang from Gardena conduct a "smash and grab" on the netsuke exhibit. I entitled the story, Netsuke. (The story eventually allowed me to discover the identity of the man who inspired it. His name is DsurL and in the future he lives in a secluded desert region in an area now known as Mexico.)

Not long after story began to be created I began to understand that it required some physical existence, some evidence of its reality. I wanted to be able to hold parts of the story in my hands. But I did not want to force it onto my art. I waited instead for these pieces to be created spontaneously through the story, through me, with DsurL’s coaxing, guidance, inspiration.

The art I have been creating since 2001 is part of the story of Netsuke. Some of the these pieces are instruments required for the Quartering. Some of them are illustrations/maps illustrating and charting aspects of the story. Other pieces are simply byproducts of the story. They are made primarily through my heart for the enjoyment of myself and others.

About Ana Rodriquez

Ana Rodriquez is a 2007 BFA graduate of CSULB. Her new work references The Tales of The Arabian Night as a counter to her experience growing up in Maywood, where gang violence, police brutality and government corruption is the everyday norm.

The Office
5122 Bolsa Ave - Huntington Beach

Two Exhibitions
dal 6/4/2007 al 3/5/2007

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