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Modern Icons
dal 4/5/2007 al 29/6/2007

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Modern Icons

Mediterraneo Gallery, Pasadena

Group show. Six artists presents paintings, sculptures and drawings. Featured works by: Richard Godfrey, Richard Kessler, Rick Robinson, Tawny Ellis, Danielle B. Ashton and Dean Thomas.

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Group show

Featured works by: Richard Godfrey, Richard Kessler, Rick Robinson, Tawny Ellis, Danielle B. Ashton and Dean Thomas

Richard Godfrey’s "Encylopoxia Series" a suite of paintings addressing issues involving the tradition of painting itself. The works— acrylic, oil, and varnish on canvas — demonstrate Godfrey’s virtuosity in the mechanics as well as his innate grasp of painting in the context of contemporary art. Sublime, yet rigorously intense, these works are original and compelling.

Richard Kessler’s paintings rely heavily on images drawn from the iconography of advertising and popular culture. Beautifully rendered, nostalgic objects and his treatment of metal signage is reminiscent of Robert Delauney’s cubist Eiffel Towers with similar dizzying shifts of perspective. Kessler is evolving into a most collectable Los Angeles artist.

Rick Robinson’s well known "Primitive Pop" steel sculptures mix the pop sensibility of contemporary iconography with the primitive instinct of Native American Petroglyphs. He has shown all over Los Angeles and in Europe since the mid-90’s. He is a well-known fixture in the Arts District.

Tawny Ellis creates whimsical wire sculpture that often incorporate pieces taken from antique jewelry and other adornments. By reconfiguring these found items and working them into her sculpture Ellis playfully addresses issues of fetish in fashion culture, the results are a compelling tension between desire and excess.

Danielle B. Ashton, daniellians venerate the small details in life. They are forms from a daydream where wonder and storytelling offer a moment of peaceful enthusiasm. Individually hand carved from porcelain and various clays, they honor the fragility of life and encourage physical awareness. Their interactive quality leads to the practice of balance, focus and relationships, an activity contrasting our over flowing, fast paced lives of today.

Dean Thomas, The Muses "an experiment by drawing with my left hand, being right handed, this was a means of activating creative expression from the right brain". The result is this figurative series. All work is drawn from imagination rather from live models. These drawings seem to ‘appear’ as soon as I set the pencil on paper says Thomas. A graduate of the Louisville School of Art, Thomas is an accomplished artist and is known for his diverse and introspective creations.

Image: Richard Godfrey

Mediterraneo Gallery
979 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena
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Modern Icons
dal 4/5/2007 al 29/6/2007

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