Circoscrizione 2
Carrara (MS)
piazza Accademia (Salone Consiglio)

Gian Luca Maggiani
dal 29/5/2007 al 9/6/2007
lun-sab 10.30-12.30/ 17-20
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Gian Luca Maggiani

Circoscrizione 2, Carrara (MS)

Pittura materica. Un occhio attento verso l'utilizzo dei particolari materiali che ricoprono il paesaggio del mondo, come la polvere di marmo bianco o la fine sabbia del deserto australiano.

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a cura di Stefania Grassi

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Il pittore Gian Luca Maggiani avanza nel campo della pittura con un occhio attento verso l'utilizzo dei particolari materiali che ricoprono il paesaggio del mondo, cosi l'impalpabile polvere di marmo bianco strappato alle montagne Apuane, la fine sabbia del deserto australiano, l'erba bruciata dal sole di un campo, la terra inquinata delle periferie cittadine, contengono il fascino e il mistero di emozione già vissute e custodite nell'inconscio di Gian Luca così come la terra stessa contiene e custodisce gelosamente il seme. Così ho deciso di definire l'arte del Maggiani, con tre attributi, semplicemente: istintiva, gestuale, materica....


Gian Luca Maggiani is a young artist form Carrara, a rappresentative of that contemporary artistic style that does not see a painting as only a canvis, containing designs and colors, but as a boundless object, without a frame, beyond the bidimensionality.

In this way, works acquire material consistency and depth, becoming an element of the wall, if on a wall, and at the same time removing it self and becomng stele,panel or frieze. They are works of art presenting surfaces that are never smooth,beyond which we will want to observe,to find something,curious to see beyond those small geometric essentials,as if throuh a sort of keyhole,swaying in a sea-sea-sky-barren land-a stretch of colors, always warm from the earth, browns,mosses,underbrush and wood.

Barren lands crossed by the artist himelf in a serch as fundamental as at the same time breathless and despairing. A will of affirmation expressed in the constant presence of geometric elements. Surfaces where matter acquires importance on color and drawing. It is on this ground that we perceive Maggiani's will to express himself through a technique that privileges the use of recycled material: bricks,wood,cloth. These last items are so manipulated and treated that they seem others. Creating,in this way,works that would be beautiful to be able to touch,to feel the cloth that is like leather,wood that feels like cloth and that visually shows cromatic results which are surly of effect and impact.

Let us conclude with an word from the author:''Let your eyes rest on my paintings-if I am able to stir in you an emotion,a sensation,only then I will consider myself an artist.'' We would like to be able to go beyond these emotions discovering that which is behind what we see the artist is offering us the task to seize these indications, they are windows,cracks,small wedges,open on an artistic personality worth penetrating and knowing.

Circoscrizione 2
piazza Accademia - Carrara
Orario: lun-sab 10.30-12.30/ 17-20
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