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Sanja Ivekovic
dal 30/5/2007 al 21/7/2007

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Sanja Ivekovic

Fundacio Antoni Tapies, Barcelona

General Alert. Works 1974-2007

comunicato stampa

General Alert. Works 1974-2007

Curators: Nataša Ilić and Kathrin Rhomberg

On Wednesday 30 May, at 12 noon, a press conference will be held at Fundació Antoni Tàpies to present the exhibition Sanja Iveković. General Alert. Works 1974-2007, the first retrospective exhibition in Spain of Sanja Iveković (Zagreb, 1949), one of the most significant artists from the former Yugoslavia. A political artist, pioneer in her homeland within both feminist and video art, Iveković has since the 1970s made use of photography, video, installation and performance to develope an innovative and critical artistic approach.

Her works come from a deep awareness that representation often determines notions of identity where the apparent and the real are part of complex processes. From the confrontation between elements of everyday life, fashion and advertising images, to the problematisation of body politics, self-presentation is essential for Iveković, and it is by portraying the influences and parallels between ‘private’ life and ‘public’ sphere in the media, that she has managed to blur the distinctions and show the ambiguity of predominant public concepts. Since the 1990s, and in reaction to events in the former Yugoslavia, some of Iveković’s works have come as a result of her own personal commitment to social issues, such as gender violence, although her activism now appears more as an attitude prior to the predominance of formalisation. However, Iveković has never abandoned her commitment to showing the tensions and confluences between the private and autobiographical and the problematics of public life related to glamour, spectacle or social conflicts. Through such expressive media as performance, conceptual photography, video and installation, as well as postcards, albums and posters, she has managed to re-enter aesthetic and ideological contemporary debates in an unprecedented manner.

Present at the event will be the artist Sanja Iveković; Nataša Ilić and Kathrin Rhomberg, curators of the exhibition; and Nuria Enguita Mayo, chief curator at Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

On progress
Urban Majorities 1900-2025 Project
The Urban Majorities programme is intended as a framework to contribute to a collective reflection on the challenges of the 21st century in the Barcelona metropolis, within Catalonia as a whole.
Joan Roca i Albert (Director of the project)
Organised by
Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona

A century after the spread of the term Noucentisme, with its controversial will to cultural intervention by the elites, the inclusion of the social majorities is the key challenge for the collective future of the city and the country. Like one century ago, the task is set in a wave of technical and demographic changes (then electricity and the internal combustion engine, now the Information and Communication Technologies; then the beginning of immigration from the rest of Spain, now from all over the world) and a redefinition of the scales of political power (then the municipal unification of Barcelona and the aspiration to Catalan power, now the reformulation of Europe, Spain, Catalonia and the metropolis). In this context, research into the dense trajectory of the metropolis in the 20th century, with its U-turns, becomes strategic when it comes to establishing a platform for outlining the components of a ‘citizen culture’, because the role of the big cities and the way they fit into broader political and cultural spheres will be as or more decisive now than in the 1900s.

The programme aims to work in the middle term, with a research and ideas task rather than a managerial one. Fundació Antoni Tàpies has to be able to act as a research and archive node, able to network with other institutions in the cultural, educational and associative world which would like to join in. The aim is to promote synergies that enable us not to start from scratch, but from the large amount of work that has already been done, with a view on promoting an intellectual climate with shared questions.

The results must be able to appear in serial publications, seminars, courses, symposia, itineraries and other formats, and, the effort made in the lines of work channelled and shared by mutual agreement with other institutions has to give rise to periodical public expressions of the Urban Majorities 1900-2025 Project, both in Barcelona and in other towns and cities in Catalonia.

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