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Two exhibitions

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Arte povera + Timeout. Art and Sustainability

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Arte povera + Timeout. Art and Sustainability

4 May - 14 October 2007

Arte Povera

Within the collection of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein the group of works by Arte Povera artists are particularly well known. A special room is devoted to this part of the collection, in which the works are regularly presented in ever new constellations.
In September 1967 the young art critic Germano Celant organised a group exhibition in Genoa entitled "Arte Povera e IM Spazio". It was accompanied by a text: "Arte Povera: Remarks on Guerrilla Warfare". This event is regarded the historical beginning of the Arte Povera movement, which had centres in Turin and Rome. What bound the artists together was their desire to bridge the gap between art and life and to expand perception. Their works are characterised by a sensual-poetic idiom in which natural processes, energies and culture are essential components.


25 May - 2 September 2007

Art and Sustainability

Since the dawn of industrialization in the 18th century the pace of life in Western societies has continued to accelerate, both in societies as a whole and for individuals. At the same time, the last two decades have also seen the emergence of world views and movements warning against this growing acceleration in all walks of life and offering alternative models. Slow food, slow city, slow medicine, slow sex and the like are enjoying increased popularity in all areas of culture throughout the world. Moreover, trade and industry and politics have recently recognized the necessity of a sustainable approach.

Since the late 1960s it has become apparent that a number of artists have held increasingly skeptical views concerning the acceleration in Western societies. Exponents of Arte Povera, Concept Art and other groups have focused increasingly on the losses that have accompanied this continual acceleration in the pace of life. They have been questioning our notion of history, the effects our civilization has had on the environment, social cohesion – indeed, even the basis of our relationship with the world, for example, our sense of time.

The young generation of artists builds on the basics devised in the 1970s and, since around 1990, has been continuing to develop them on a rather pragmatic level somewhere between the poles of political commitment and withdrawals to the private and intimate sphere.

This exhibition "Timeout! Art and sustainability" illustrates the various ways in which art handles deceleration and sustainability. As part of an open narrative various topics and strategies are presented and confronted with one another. Here, works by artists from the whole world come together, amongst them On Kawara, Giovanni Anselmo, Anna Oppermann, Lia Perjovschi, Thomas Feuerstein, Henrik Hakansson, Thom Barth, Francesco Gilardi and Kerstin Kartscher.

A production by Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Friedemann Malsch

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen is simultaneously showing an exhibition entitled "In The Eye of the storm" dealing with a very similar subject: slowness in contemporary art.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Staedtle 32 - Vaduz

Lens-Based Sculpture
dal 15/5/2014 al 30/8/2014

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