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Fette's Gallery, Los Angeles

Five artists working internationally are invited to discuss the delicate, rather aged, yet vigorous theme of portraiture: Antoine Catala, John Copeland, Sandrine Pelletier, Levi van Veluw, and Nick van Woert.

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Group show

fette's gallery is delighted to present A.K.A., a group show with Antoine Catala (fr/us), John Copeland (us), Sandrine Pelletier (ch/fr), Levi van Veluw (nl), and Nick van Woert (us).

For this exhibition, we invited five artists working internationally to discuss the delicate, rather aged, yet vigorous theme of portraiture. New York based French artist Antoine Catala will present two videos, Alex Fernandez, 3"42 loop, and Blandine, 2"05 loop, which were both screened for the first time at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico last December.

Often using video in his practice, Catala engages the viewer to acknowledge the medium's very own snags and glitch. In this diptych, he enhances imperfections, render errors, and other visual malformations to generate complex faceted figures. Brooklyn based painter John Copeland will present two new large works on canvas. Creating metaphors rather than specific characters, Copeland combines the delicate texture of paint, current social and personal conflicts, as well as absurd elements of writing.

Since 1996, the artist has been keeping journals, small scale intensive sketchbooks. This recurrent practice leaves room for the experiment, yet provides him with a certain playful discipline.
Copeland will be one of the three artists selected to create a piece for the upcoming Whitney Museum Artist Collaboration.

Sandrine Pelletier re-appropriates mundane objects to explore their symbolic connotations. Using threads and fabrics, she consolidates her narratives into intricate, yet at times violent, surreal, and ironical installations and sculptures. For A.K.A., she will create a new and delicate site-specific installation with fabric.
She has recently shown her work in Lausanne (solo) (ch), Bruxelles (be) and London (uk). This is her first show in the US.

Levi van Veluw will have two photographs on view, Tape and Lines, the latter one being from his ongoing new series Ballpoint in which he repeats various patterns on his face, ephemeral tattoos sealed for all time by the shutter.

After a successful internship with Erwin Olaf, Levi van Veluw will be graduating this summer from the Artez School of Arts Arnhem, the Netherlands. He recently received the Epson Art Photo Award and the American Photography Award - AI AP's catalogue will be published in November.

Nick van Woert creates vibrant stalagmitic sculptures using found figurines of characters from popular culture's tales. Characters such as Alfred, the Tin Man, or Dorothy are dipped in paint to resurface brightly as nonpictorial entities. In this practice, van Woert may be saluting Rimbaud's famous poem "Voyelles", from the absurd and cynical aspect of the answer, to the organic yet abstract aesthetic.
In May, Nick van Woert presented his Thesis Show from Parson, the New School for Design, NY at Caelum Gallery in New York.

Opening June 22, 2007, 6-9 pm.

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Sandrine Pelletier
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