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Sea and landscapes

ArteF Galerie, Zurich

Vintage and contemporary prints

comunicato stampa

Vintage and contemporary prints

The ArteF Fine Art Photography Gallery is devoting its latest exhibition to a classic of artistic contemplation - the landscape. The motif being followed in many different variations and interpretations in forty black-and-white and colour photographs from the twenties to the present day is one that over the course of history has fascinated artists of every genre and until today still has the power to captivate.

Sometimes prosaic, sometimes playful, sometimes melancholy or even poetic, these heterogeneous works together make up a harmonious whole, granting a surprising insight into the many different facets of landscape photography. The eyes of the beholder are opened up to the world that surrounds them and they crave for more.

Ansel Adams, Gabriele Basilico, Ken Damy, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Franco Fontana, Joan Fontcuberta, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Giacomelli, Jean-Pascal Imsand, Tina Modotti, Roberto Raineri-Seith, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Daniel Schwartz, Albert Steiner, Bob Tyson, Shoji Ueda, John Vachon, Wim Wenders

ArteF Galerie
Splugenstrasse 11 - Zurich

Swiss Alpine Photography
dal 29/8/2008 al 24/10/2008

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