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Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris

Etienne Clement, Alain Delorme, Erwin Olaf and Cornelie Tollens

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Etienne Clement, Alain Delorme, Erwin Olaf and Cornelie Tollens

In the new gallery space PLAY reunites four photographers Etienne Clement, Alain Delorme, Erwin Olaf and Cornelie Tollens. PLAY aims at exploring what games we are all playing in the everyday life. As children in search for an identity or adults looking for authority and legitimacy, everyone is playing his own game.

Alain Delorme, 28, who was recently awarded the Arcimboldo prize, is showing for the first time in an art gallery. The series Little Dolls questions the identity of the little girls who are playing with their looks as contestants of beauty contests. Through a pixel surgery as Alain Delorme puts it, he captures and changes the girls’ looks and brings a sour criticism of how our society uses innocence.

Dutch photographer Cornelie Tollens has a very ambiguous eye finding a balance between pure images and raunchy pictures. As a woman she admits she can be a little girl too, provocative sometimes, naive some others. In his series Separation Erwin Olaf stage a family dresses in latex costumes. But where some of us would only judge the people by their looks theses pictures tell more about a family life, how its member communicate, what game they play.

Last but not least, Etienne Clement, who works in London is playing with toys like a Wendy little doll or the small tin soldiers. In his Toy Stories series he works on the contrast between our environment and what these characters, icons of our childhood, convey.

Galerie Magda Danysz
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