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Sidelong Glance

im n iL Gallery, New York

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'Sidelong Glance' is the articulation of a critical distance regarding the cultural self-imaging of the United States of America. What is meant by 'self-imaging' is the process by which a culture presents itself in the symbolic - not to say political - world order.

Adriana Arenas Ilian, Adam Ames, Francois Bucher, Linda Cummings, Hilda Daniels, Peter Dudek, Amy Eshoo, Anthony Goicolea, Peter Gould, Douglas Gillock , Kenneth J. Habarta, Christopher Ho, Timothy Hutchings, Nick Kline, Larry Krone, Jason Middlebrook, Lucas Monaco, Jonathan Podwil, Anna Sew Hoy, Anton Vidokle , Micki Watanabe, and Mark Williams.

This is the land of the image; in the age of the banal and the artificial, in its recurrent fictitious claim to authenticity. 'Sidelong Glance' is a kind of reportage on the brink of that fiction; a position of distance that intends to break the omnipresent blur of cultural products. What is saved, at all costs, is a solid principle of reality, a unified sense of the word 'American'.

Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud
Organized by Eung Ho Park and Mauricio Laffitte-Soler
Opening Reception: April 7th, 7-9 pm
Hours: 1.00 pm-6.00 pm Sat & Sun and by appointment

For further information please contact: Gallery director, Il Lee or Omar Lopez- Chahoud, 212.228.8789

Sidelong Glance
dal 6/4/2000 al 14/5/2000

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