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Three exhibitions
dal 9/10/2007 al 20/12/2007

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Three exhibitions

Albion, London

Mariko Mori: drawings / Jitish Kallat: Unclaimed Baggage / Zhan Wang: Artificial Rock

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Mariko Mori: thirteen drawings depicting the study for the computer generated animation of her monumental sculpture Wave Ufo. Jitish Kallat: Unclaimed Baggage, oscillating between the twin codes of pop and agitprop, Kallat's work addresses classic themes of survival and the endless narrative of human struggle. Artificial Rock: made from stainless steel, reaching 4 metres in height and weighing 400kg, the monumental new sculpture is part of Zhan Wang's ongoing project.

Three exhibitions
dal 9/10/2007 al 20/12/2007

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