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Two exhibitions

Stenersen museum, Oslo

Modern Norwegian Art Photography / Equatorial Rhythms

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Modern Norwegian Art Photography / Equatorial Rhythms

Equatorial Rhythms
September 28 – December 30, 2007

Curator: Selene Wendt

Equatorial Rhythms will focus on the art and music of countries that have deep-rooted, indigenous musical traditions that are unique to each participating country – musical traditions that are anchored in the national identities and daily lives of the people of these countries.
By presenting both art and music by artists from the selected countries, and in many instances a crossover between art and music, the synergy between art and music will come to the fore. All in all, the complex cultural issues addressed throughout the exhibition will contribute to an extensive, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural dialogue – one that runs both North/South and East/West.
There is a focus on art from the Caribbean/South America, Africa and Asia; through art and music from Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Trinidad, Ethiopia, Morocco, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Artist list: Kader Attia, Kristin Bergaust/Alexis Parra, Kjetil Berge, Sergio Bernardes/Guilherme Vaz, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Albert Chong, Christopher Cozier, Heri Dono/Jompe, Andrew Dosunmu, Theo Eshetu, Satch Hoyt, Alfredo Jaar, Kimsooja, Yvette Mattern, Salem Mekuria, Lamia Naji, Olu Oguibe, Eder Santos, Paulo Vivacqua, Vu Nhat Tan

The Stenersen Museum and Du store verden! collaborate on this exhibition

The exhibition is kindly supported be Arts Council Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ultima - Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

The exhibition will also be shown at
The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in 2008


Modern Norwegian Art Photography

October 11, 2007 - January 27, 2008

This exhibtion presents the development of Norwegian art photography the last thirty years. The relatively long period will partly be presented historically. Central works from the period will be on the show. A presentation of modern Norwegian art photographers from the 1970's until today has never been done. Some of the artists partisipating are; A K Dolven, Per Maning, Tom Sandberg, Per Berntsen, Ole John Aandal, Vibeke Tandberg, Mette Tronvoll, Mikkel McAlinden, Per Barclay, Mari Slaattelid, Knut Åsdam, Jenny Rydhagen og Torbjørn Rødland.

Image: Albert Chong, "Throne for 3rd Millennium", 2003

Stenersen museum
Munkedamsveien 15 - Oslo

Two exhibitions
dal 9/4/2014 al 28/6/2014

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