Yvon Lambert
108 rue Vieille du Temple
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dal 13/12/2007 al 18/1/2008

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Adam Carr

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Yvon Lambert, Paris

Group show

comunicato stampa

curated by Adam Carr

With: Olivier Babin,Pierre Bismuth, Ryan Gander, Dan Rees, Yann Sérandour, Ron Terada

Yvon Lambert, Paris is pleased to announce the exhibition Without, curated by Adam Carr that will take place at Sidewalk, a new exhibition space situated on the lower and ground floors of the gallery.

This exhibition, without any conventional reason or theme that commonly brings works together, sets out reactively by devising a partial dialogue with the exhibition occupying the main space of the gallery, which will open and close concurrently. It takes as its starting point the artist Jonathan Monk, yet this show, among other aspects, will be about the artist but will be without the artist.

The beginning of Monk’s work – and its primary point of investigation – emerges from the point at which other artists' works culminate. Without presents artworks by six international artists made between 2000 and 2007 – but not conceived specifically for this exhibition – which continue this process of production, yet more significantly for the exhibition, have used Monk’s work, or himself – via the lens of each artist’s practice – directly in various ways, and in different circumstances.

Yvon Lambert
108 rue vieille du Temple - Paris
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Anna Gaskell - Douglas Gordon
dal 5/9/2014 al 24/10/2014

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