New York
143 Ludlow Street
212 2280901
The heart is a lonely hunter
dal 9/1/2008 al 8/2/2008

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The heart is a lonely hunter

31Grand, New York

A group exhibition

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A group exhibition whose title is influenced by Carson McCullers novel. The artists' works selected for the show come from a diverse grouping of mediums, but all touch on the topics of humanity, human revelations and anthropomorphism. Artists: Shauna Born, Fanny Bostrom, Paul Brainard, Maureen Cavanuagh, Orly Cogan, Jan Dunning, Juno Doran, Brad Kahlhamer, Carol "Riot" Kane, Kris Knight, Kate Kretz, Jason Cole Mager, Ryan McClennan, Sean McDevitt, Emily Roz, and Jeff Wyckoff.

Death Is Not The End
dal 19/12/2008 al 19/12/2008

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