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Ad Absurdum
dal 17/4/2008 al 26/7/2008
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Constantin Brancusi
Sebastian Brant
George Brecht
Marco den Breems
Andre Breton
Marcel Broodthaers
Veronica Brovall
John Cage
Rui Chafes
Jake Chapman
Dinos Chapman
Giorgio de Chirico
Kathryn Cornelius
Philipp Corner
matali crasset
Wim Delvoye
Matthias Drechsler
Felix Droese
Marcel Duchamp
Jimmie Durham
Elmgreen & Dragset
Max Ernst
Nick Ervinck
Robert Filliou
Katharina Fritsch
Dorothee Golz
J. J. Grandville
Kristjan Gudmundsson
David Hammons
Al Hansen
Raoul Hausmann
Jurgen Heckmanns
Dick Higgins
Andreas Hofer
Ottmar Horl
Severine Hubard
Jan Van Imschoot
Marcel Janco
David Kaller
Tadeusz Kantor
Allan Kaprow
Kristof Kintera
Martin Kippenberger
Milan Knizak
Imi Knoebel
Arthur Koepcke
Surasi Kusolwong
Ulrich Lamsfuss
Le Corbusier
Zoe Leonhard
Via Lewandowsky
Zbigniew Libera
Edward Lipski
Rene' Magritte
Jacques Mahe' de la Villegle'
Dirk Martens
Fabio Mauri
Jonathan Meese
Rik Meijers
Otto Muehl
Bruce Nauman
Chris Newman
Honore d'O
Meret Oppenheim
Eduardo Paolozzi
Anna Lange
Francis Picabia
Pablo Picasso
Sigmar Polke
Emilio Prini
Royden Rabinowitsch
Man Ray
Odilon Redon
Tobias Rehberger
Tejo Remy
Thomas Rentmeister
Jason Rhoades
Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes
Mimmo Rotella
Dieter Roth
Michael Rutkowsky
Michael Sailstorfer
Takako Saito
Fabian Sanchez
Wilhelm Sasnal
Sebastian Schmieding
ManfreDu Schu
Thomas Schütte
Kurt Schwitters
Michael Sellmann
Hannes Van Severen
Floria Sigismondi
Nedko Solakov
Louis Soutter
Klaus Staeck
Andre' Thomkins
Rosemarie Trockel
Susan Turcot
Pieter van der Heyden
Koen Vanmechelen
Ben Vautier
Wolf Vostell
Friederike Warneke
Emmett Williams
Carmelo Zagari

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Ad Absurdum

MARTa Herford Museum of Art and Design, Herford

Energies of the absurd from modernism till today. The exhibition does not supply any watertight theories, but rather explores phenomena taken to the absurd. A mountain of sugar weighing a ton from which a shopping cart looms; an enormous looking airplane tire attached to a museum wall spins at high speed; two art transport boxes, which in a real moment of fictional mishap became wedged together, a hair-dryer whose sound is transported via a microphone into the exhibition room...

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A mountain of sugar weighing a ton from which a shopping cart looms; an enormous looking airplane tire attached to a museum wall spins at high speed; two art transport boxes, which in a real moment of fictional mishap became wedged together; a hair-dryer whose sound is magnified and transported via a microphone into the exhibition room...

Ad Absurdum does not supply any watertight theories, but rather explores phenomena taken to the absurd. Where does life begin and when does art end? How is the absurd manifested when it has become reality? Phenomena of the absurd are only seemingly an expression of senselessness – energies of the absurd take visible heigtenings to the extreme.

Absurd things confront us with an irritating, unaccustomed question: How are realities revealed if they function differently than expected and appear to be senseless, illogical and paradox? Logic is (also) a kind of experimentation and surprises even come about where you expect them. In the exhibition Ad Absurdum Jan Hoet presents a selection of works from classic modernity through to contemporary art, each of which in its own way reveals some aspect of what the absurd means in the modern world. Anyone who becomes accustomed to the absurd, will cope well in our age, claimed Absurd playwright Eugene Ionesco.

This exhibition not only marks the start of Jan Hoet’s departure from MARTa Herford, but also a new beginning. Art is intellectual venture capital. This lends it an irregular force, which you can call productive or provocative. Or … absurd.

Ad Absurdum is a joint project by MARTa Herford and the Städtische Galerie Nordhorn. Under the title "Ad Absurdum - Contemporary Apparatus" from April 19 to June 8, 2008 projects exploring the absurd by young, contemporary artists will be on display. Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Vechteaue 2, 48529 Nordhorn, Tel. +49. 5921.971100,

The exhibition in MARTa Herford includes works by various artists including:
Jost (Jodocus) Amman, Joseph Beuys, Jurgen Bey, Guillaume Bijl, Erwin Blumenfeld, Michaël Borremans, Katharina Bosse, Constantin Brancusi, Sebastian Brant, George Brecht, Marco den Breems, André Breton, Marcel Broodthaers, Veronica Brovall, John Cage, Rui Chafes, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Giorgio de Chirico, Kathryn Cornelius, Philipp Corner, matali crasset, Wim Delvoye, Matthias Drechsler, Felix Droese, Marcel Duchamp, Jimmie Durham, Elmgreen & Dragset, Max Ernst, Nick Ervinck, Robert Filliou, Katharina Fritsch, Dorothee Golz, J. J. Grandville, Kristján Gudmundsson, David Hammons, Al Hansen, Raoul Hausmann, Jürgen Heckmanns, Dick Higgins, Andreas Hofer, Ottmar Hörl, Séverine Hubard, Jan Van Imschoot, Marcel Janco, David Kaller, Tadeusz Kantor, Allan Kaprow, Kristof Kintera, Martin Kippenberger, Milan Knízák, Imi Knoebel, Arthur Koepcke, Surasi Kusolwong, Ulrich Lamsfuß, Le Corbusier, Zoe Leonhard, Via Lewandowsky, Zbigniew Libera, Edward Lipski, René Magritte, Jacques Mahé de la Villeglé, Dirk Martens, Fabio Mauri, Jonathan Meese, Rik Meijers, Otto Muehl, Bruce Nauman, Chris Newman, Honoré d'O, Meret Oppenheim, Eduardo Paolozzi, Anna Lange, Francis Picabia, Pablo Picasso, Sigmar Polke, Emilio Prini, Royden Rabinowitsch, Man Ray, Odilon Redon, Tobias Rehberger, Tejo Remy, Thomas Rentmeister, Jason Rhoades, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Mimmo Rotella, Dieter Roth, Michael Rutkowsky, Michael Sailstorfer, Takako Saito, Fabian Sanchez, Wilhelm Sasnal, Sebastian Schmieding, ManfreDu Schu, Thomas Schütte, Kurt Schwitters, Michael Sellmann, Hannes Van Severen, Floria Sigismondi, Nedko Solakov, Louis Soutter, Klaus Staeck, André Thomkins, Rosemarie Trockel, Susan Turcot, Pieter van der Heyden, Koen Vanmechelen, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Friederike Warneke, Emmett Williams, Carmelo Zagari

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Opening: 18 April 2008, 7.30pm

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