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The World is Flat
dal 25/4/2008 al 14/6/2008

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Julie Broch-Mikkelsen

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The World is Flat

Overgarden - Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

Group show with Danish and international artists

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Participating artists: Anonymous (RO), Heman Chong (SG), Shahram Entekhabi (IR), Kristofer Hultenberg (SE/DK), C. Krydz Ikwuemesi (NG), Lasse Lau (DK), Lize Mogel (US), Ursula Nistrup (DK), Dan Rees (UK) and Jee Young Sim (KR/US).

Overgaden is pleased to present the exhibition project The World is Flat curated by Johanne Løgstrup (DK).

Johanne Løgstrup has invited a number of Danish and international artists to comment on and elaborate the possibilities inherent in geographical maps as media. Both the map as a medium and the artists participating in the project seek to represent the world. Whereas maps are associated with accuracy, factuality and intentional objectivity, the artist’s gaze upon the world is characterised by openness and subjective interpretation.

The artists have used the conventional measures and folding functions of the map as a general template for the artworks. In completely different and very playful and experimental ways they have made maps of places – some of them fictitious, some of them real. The maps vary from Heman Chong’s private landscape of knowledge shown by his personal list of literature to Lize Mogel’s map which has zoomed in on the centre of The UN’s logotype, the North Pole, to take a look at the political conflicts that have lately arisen in this area. Dan Rees contributes with a map where snails have drawn mucos routes across a world map with almost invisible silvery trails and C. Krydz Ikwuemesi’s map is animated with features that contrast the right angels and concise metrical elements that usually characterise maps. Thereby The World is Flat gives new perceptions of the networks, associations and representations of places, people and power.

At Overgaden the exhibition is displayed on a specially designed high, round table, which allows the viewer to get close to the maps; to open them up, turn them around and scrutinize them in detail.

The World is Flat has been developed and conceived as a mobile travelling exhibition. None of the artworks included in the exhibition take up more space than a traditional map. They can therefore be folded and inserted into a large envelope and sent to selected exhibition spaces around the world. Thus, after the exhibition at Overgaden, The World is Flat will travel on to The Centre of Contemporary Art
in Nigeria.

For information about exhibiting the project, please contact curator Johanne Løgstrup: jl@flamingoeffekten.dk

The World is Flat is supported by the BG Foundation, Københavns Billedkunstudvalg, The Committee for International Visual Arts and The Danish Center for Culture and Development.

Overgaden is supported by The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Visual Arts.

For further information about the exhibition, please contact Julie Broch-Mikkelsen, Press and Communications, at jbm@overgaden.org or tel. +45 3257 7273.

Institute of Contemporary Art
Overgaden Neden Vandet 17 DK-1414 Copenhagen K Denmark

The World is Flat
dal 25/4/2008 al 14/6/2008

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