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Giuseppe Fioroni
dal 18/6/2008 al 4/9/2008

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Istituto Italiano di cultura

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Giuseppe Fioroni

Istituto Italiano di cultura, London

The Whims of Painting. A selection of 20 works from 1974 to 2007

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The Whims of Painting. On display, a selection of 20 works (oil on canvas) from 1974 to 2007. The exhibition, curated by Rossana Pittelli, discloses the world of the artist beyond the conventional perception of space and time, where the oneiric dimension of myth, tale and parable combines the nostalgic sense of memories and desires. Fioroni's blend of humours provides a beguiling and powerful vision, reminder of the strength of paint to suggest the energy and turmoil of life.

Pre-Pop and Pop: The 50s and 60s in Italy
dal 13/9/2015 al 14/10/2015

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