Unit 106, 301 Kingsland Road
Think Again
dal 23/6/2008 al 25/7/2008
Wed-Sat 12-6pm

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Think Again

Rachmaninoff's, London

A group show with works by Helene Appel, Juliette Blightman, Ben Cauchi, Adam Christensen, Cushla Donaldson, James Flower, Michael Fullerton, Richard Gasper, Aki Ilomaki, Stuart MacKenzie, Simon Popper.

comunicato stampa

organised by Cushla Donaldson

Helene Appel
Juliette Blightman
Ben Cauchi
Adam Christensen
Cushla Donaldson
James Flower
Michael Fullerton
Richard Gasper
Aki Ilomaki
Stuart MacKenzie
Simon Popper

I was at a club whose name I can’t remember, but I know it starts with a V. It was underground with a low ceiling. The lighting was so dim that it was difficult to recognise anyone there. I left my friend sitting on the sofa and negotiated the split level to get to the bathroom.

The room was all that is dark and bright. There were glassy black square tiles on the floor, ceiling and three walls. The fourth wall was mirrored above the black marbled washbasin and steel grey taps. Next to the basin were black ceramic dishes with soap, scents and hair products. Small, intense, spotlights reflected off the mirror. The attendant, a black woman in her early 30s dressed in a black T-shirt and trousers, sat on a black fibreglass stool to one side. Beside her was a stack of black hand towels. I looked at my reflection. I was dressed in black, with a black and silver jersey. From inside the cubicle I heard someone flush and open the door and begin to speak to the attendant in a vaguely Germanic accent.

“It’s all black, why is it all black? What a ridiculous colour for a bathroom! I can’t even see what I’m doing when I wash my hands! It’s so dark!” I flushed and opened the cubicle door. There was a tall blonde woman standing in front of the attendant looking genuinely agitated. She turned to me.
“What do you think Cushla? Don't you agree?”

I replied that sometimes it’s good to be in the dark.

“You would say that!” she said and then left.

I would
I shall
I will
I am.
I felt dizzy.
I looked to the attendant.

She flashed the blank whites of her eyes as she rolled them.
“We get to see everything in here.”

opens Tuesday 24 June 7-9pm

Unit 106, 301 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4DS
Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm
free admission

Nicola Durvasula
dal 7/10/2008 al 7/11/2008

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