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Ineditos 2008 competition
dal 23/6/2008 al 30/8/2008

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Ineditos 2008 competition

La Casa Encendida, Madrid

The winners of the competition will exhibit their projects

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The winners of the competition will exhibit their projects. Chema Gonzalez presents "This is How History is Written", inviting us to reflect on the past and how it is transformed when it is "repeated" in the works of artists included in the exhibition. Alex Brahim presents the work of Ignacio Uriarte and - Enrique Radigales's exhibition "Paper Jam", which analyses the intersections of art and offices. Samuel Beckett's essay "Le Monde et le Pantalon" is used by Cecilia Casares and Luz Santos as the theme for their exhibition. The exhibition encourages reflection on the artist's relationship with the creative process and how the work is received.

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono
dal 18/2/2015 al 4/4/2015

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