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Bobo's on 27th
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Bobo's on 27th

Foxy Productions, New York

The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, sound, video and publications in a riotous mix of colors, styles and materials. Underscored by interests in figuration, the ready-made, deconstruction and assemblage, the artists are generating bold new methods, ideas and aesthetics.

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Curated by Bobo (Phil Cote, Nick Payne, Drew Gillespie)

For summer 2008, Foxy Production proudly presents Bobo's on 27th, a group exhibition masterminded by performance art band Bobo. A simultaneous video-linked exhibition is being held at their space, Bobo's on 9th, in the Italian Market area of Philadelphia. The two exhibitions, under the joint title Precious Delights, mark Bobo's on 9th's first anniversary. Both shows include works by Lindsay Beebe, Matt Berrian, Brent Cowley, Lizzie Fitch, Jesse Greenberg, Barkev Gulesserian, Colt Hausman, Miles Huston, Brian McKelligott, Annie Pearlman, Ben Phelan, PIFAS, and Ted Sefcik, many of whom have presented work at Bobo's on 9th since its inauguration last year. Ryan Trecartin is exhibiting at Bobo's on 9th only, making a installation for the space's front window.

Bobo's on 27th includes painting, sculpture, sound, video and publications in a riotous mix of colors, styles and materials. Underscored by interests in figuration, the ready-made, deconstruction and assemblage, the artists are generating bold new methods, ideas and aesthetics. Their works draw influences from the Internet, art history, ecology, and emerging definitions of self and community, among many other sources. Bobo have written: "The appearance of the exhibition could be best described as a germed-up concept car interface, burnt and melting. This aesthetic reinforces our existing attention to the corners of rooms where bits of dead skin rest, where the dust mites reside, but also shows our interest in how the human mind is steadily cracking codes at the base of the natural Internet, allowing us to successfully reconfigure it and our perceptions of what is possible at microbiotic and galactic levels. The earth is evolving into a throbbing brain and Bobo is interested in exposing technology as nature and nature as a fully moldable interface."

Bobo have created artworks, design features and framing devices to push the boundaries and expectations of the role of gallery, curator, artist, and viewer. Their designs are both sectional: membranal wall sculptures and oversized frames made from steel-wool surround works, and environmental: the floor of the gallery is covered in burlap (in reference to the floor designs for previous Bobo shows) and littered with trash-like artworks; the walls are covered in "advertisements" for different pieces in the exhibition; and a specially constructed jukebox plays curated music and sound.

LINDSAY BEEBE (Farmington CT, 1982) presents One Nightmare, an intense oil and acrylic painting that is both disturbing and engaging. Framed by Bobo in a steel wool construction, it recalls Primitivism's vigorous brush strokes and exploration of dream, allegory, and myth. Beebe has recently had a solo exhibition at Bobo's on 9th, and has shown at Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York (2006); and Acme Gallery, New Orleans (2005). Beebe has performed with the Experimental People at the ICA Philadelphia (2006); Space 1026 Gallery, Philadelphia (2006); and at the New York Underground Film Festival (2005).

MATT BERRIAN (Ridgewood NJ, 1983) has produced a vivid series of paintings in acrylic that wittily portrays edgy narratives of fantasy and power-play. With a fresh comic book style, they radiate passion, desire and violence. Berrian has had a solo exhibition at Bobos on 9th (2008) where he performed with the Embracists group. He exhibited his senior thesis show at University of Art, Philadelphia in 2006.

BRENT COWLEY (Los Angeles CA, 1981) has constructed a series of wall pieces that functions as an alternative history of the exhibition. He has developed characters and products that imaginatively draw together the other works in the show, and has collaborated with Asher Penn on a publication for the show. Cowley has exhibited at Kyle Kessler Gallery, Baltimore MD; Planaria Gallery, New York (2005); and the Wight Gallery, Los Angeles (2001). He has performed with Experimental People in New Orleans, New York and Philadelphia. He has had a solo exhibition at Benson Hall, Providence RI; and has curated a group exhibition at Carr Haus Gallery, Providence RI.

LIZZIE FITCH (Bloomington IN, 1981) presents a sculpture capturing a body within the throes of transformation. Simultaneously multiplying, deconstructing, and reconstituting, the work compellingly re-animates figurative sculpture. Fitch had a solo exhibition at Bobo's on 9th in 2007. She has exhibited at Luswarande 08 - Wanderland, Tillburg, The Netherlands (2008); and La Triennale di Milano, Italy (2007). She has exhibited in collaboration with Ryan Trecartin at Crane Arts, Philadelphia (2007); and QED, Los Angeles (2006); and has performed with the Experimental People in New York, New Orleans, and Cleveland.

JESSE GREENBERG (Morristown NJ, 1982) has made wall-based sculptures that appear like otherworldly appliances. Fabricated from a wide range of materials, including expanding foam, latex, Mylar, silicone, rubber and wood, they incorporate "touchables", independent sculptural elements that can be handled by viewers. Greenberg had a solo exhibition at Bobo's on 9th in 2007. He has also exhibited at Okay Mountain Gallery, Austin TX (2008); Louisiana Biennial, Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans (2006); The Moore Space, Miami (2006); Good Children, New Orleans (solo) (2005). He has performed widely with the Experimental People.

BARKEV GULESSERIAN (London, UK, 1979) presents a huge sculpture of a golden dog-like figure. Striking a Buddhist pose, it invokes humor, spirituality, and a nostaglia for children's TV. Gulesserian has had a recent solo exhibition at Bobo's on 9th (2008). He has also exhibited at Stairwell Gallery, Providence RI (2007); Benson Hall, Providence RI (2004); and Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI (2004).

COLT HAUSMAN (Prague, Czech Republic, 1983) is exhibiting Independence Hall off the Wall, two acrylic paintings that seem to literally spring from the walls of the gallery towards each other. One depicts Philadelphia's Independence Hall, while the other appears to be its opposite's reverse side. Hausman had a solo exhibition at Bobo's on 9th in 2007. He has exhibited at Copy Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2007); and Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York, NY (2006).

MILES HUSTON (Cambridge MA, 1981) recalibrates found objects into witty assemblages. Like an odd shoe box, his illuminated geometric sculpture combines poetic writing with a central found athletic shoe. Huston is an MFA candidate at Yale University. He has exhibited at Lamontagne Gallery, Boston (2007); and has performed at the Contaminate Live Art Festival, Boston (2008); and the ICA Philadelphia (2007).

BRIAN MCKELLIGOTT (Philadelphia PA, 1981) has produced a large painting on canvas, depicting writhing, intertwined bodies in deep blues, reds, and greens, among other colors. The painting, with its pointed individual sections rising from the wall, has been framed by Bobo in contoured, aerodynamic forms. McKelligott has exhibited at Waterfall Arts, Belfast ME (2008); Okay Mountain Gallery, Austin TX (2008); and QED Gallery, Los Angeles (2006). He has performed at the International Noise Conference XPP, Miami FL, (2006); and widely with the Experimental People.

ANNIE PEARLMAN (Johnson VT, 1982) presents Nite Glide, an animation video with an uncanny narrative about people adrift in a cityscape. Completely originally generated, it includes her paintings as source material. It is shown on a screen in a corner of the gallery, surrounded by plastic shopping bags with their logos mysteriously washed off. Pearlman was included in the South Philly Biennial, Philadelphia PA (2008); Rivington Arms, New York (2008); Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn NY (2006); Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2006); and Monkeytown, Brooklyn NY (2005). Pearlman has performed at Bobo's on 9th (2008 & 2007); and Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn NY (2007).

BEN PHELAN (West Chester PA, 1982) has created luscious, fluid sculptural forms that seem to dynamically mutate their shapes and colors. One is illuminated from within, giving it an alien-like resonance. Phelan has performed at QBZ, New York (2007); and at Artists Space, New York (2006). He has exhibited at Carr House Gallery and Red Door Gallery, Providence RI (2004).

PIFAS, The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, have produced a promotional brochure that resembles a student aptitude test. PIFAS is a cultural collective, think tank, and workspace, founded in 2006 by Richard Davis and Brandon Joyce. In addition to its involvement with music and visual arts — such as recent solo exhibitions by Howard Kleger and Dearraindrop — the Institute strives to be a new model of pedagogy and culture. Members, programs and calendar can be found at:

TED SEFCIK (New York NY, 1982) presents Recent State, a powerful original audio work that mixes ambient music and spoken word. The work explores the dichotomy between attraction and disinterest. Sefcik has worked as an improvisational actor since 2003, first with Vaudeville Productions and since 2006 with RAXTSFK Productions. He has released the musical works: Rax (2002), AB (2005), and 3 (2007).

BOBO - Phil Cote (Essex Junction VT, 1983), Drew Gillespie (Kansas City MI, 1982), and Nick Payne (Toronto, Canada, 1982) - started their band, artists' group and project space in 2007. For more information on Bobo and Bobo's on 9th see: Their music can be heard at:

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