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Fama_Fame / Fame_Hunger

Kunstlerhaus S11, Solothurn

An in progress project which advances in situ by each exhibition. On show: Giancarlo Norese, Daniele Pario Perra, Cesare Pietroiusti, Luigi Negro, Meinrad Feuchter, Norbert Klassen, Emilio Fantin, Markus Furrer, Giuliano Galletta and many others.

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The concept “to become famous” focuses the ambition of the artist to be accepted in the art system and, at the same time, the need to survive in everyday life. It represents symbolically all relations between life, love and success, money and the actually basic need of the human being.

The project Fama_Fame / Fame_Hunger lives on the hospitality of the local cultural and political institutions, throught the European territory, and is attended by the residents artists and by an international network.

Solothurn 2008: after the first step at la Fabbrica di Losone (Ticino - Switzerland) with Roberto De Luca, Daniele Pario Perra and Giancarlo Norese coordinated by Riccardo Lisi, the second step of the exhibition is taking place in Solothurn with 27 artists from Switzerland and abroad, and the third step will be in Rotterdam 2009 togheter with local artists and networks as in all the editions.

The catalogue will be presented on the occasion of the Finissage.

Artists: Roberto de Luca, Meinrad Feuchter, Norbert Klassen, Fiorenza Bassetti, Béatrice Bader, Paul Le Grand, Marco Giacomoni, Markus Furrer,, Claude Gaçon, Stefania Beretta, Ernesto Nicolai, Anaïs Gumy, Gian Paolo Minelli, Silvano Repetto, Jérome Leuba, Giancarlo Norese, Daniele Pario Perra, Cesare Pietroiusti, Luigi Negro, Emilio Fantin, Filippo Leonardi, Antonio Scarponi, Giuliano Galletta, Patrizio Travagli, Emile Zile, Julie Upmeyer.

The exhibition partners in Solothurn are the Municipality of Solothurn and the Künstlerhaus S11.

Vernissage & Performance: 11.07.2008 / 18.h00 – central Station Solothurn
Finissage 27.07.2008 / 14h00 / Küntlerhaus S11
Exhibition Period 12.07-27.07.2008

With the support of Stadt Solothurn, Künstlerhaus S11 - Solothurn, Loeb AG - Bern, Coop - Bern, Conzepta AG - Bern, Consolato Generale della Svizzera - Genova

Kunstlerhaus S11
Schmiedengasse 11 - Solothurn

Fama_Fame / Fame_Hunger
dal 10/7/2008 al 26/7/2008

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